December Duties

Bucket list to accomplish before December ends!

Carlos Sanchez

Isabella Highfill, Writer/Reporter

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The Holiday joy is in the air, and there many plans to and things to accomplish before the wonderful season ends! Christmas time is the best time to get into the spirit of things and to go on adventure and to create a bucket list to do with friends and family and loved ones!

A bucket list is usually a way of doing tasks before something ends, mostly when is comes to a life, but we’re going to portray it in a way of doing as many things as possible before the festive season come to an end.

Many activities to do with friends are things such as going to an amusement park. Especially when it’s around Christmas time, all the cute and festive decorations are out, along with a few special surprises. For example, at Knotts Berry farm they are performing their traditions Snoopy on Ice! Another way to celebrate with friends is doing a movie night and watching as many movies a possible! Although the catch is that it has to be christmas movies, and to top it off you can a bake special and festive desserts to munch on while watching.

You can also create a secret Santa or a white elephant and host a small Christmas party. Many activities such as games like an ugly sweater contest, making ugly sweaters, or making gingerbread houses.

“I want to spend a lot of time with family and just try to have as much over as possible. We all get together and it’s fun so that what I want to have planned.” Alyssa Adams, a sophomore said.

Many ways to celebrate with family is going out and doing activities altogether. Many family events happen when you’re together and enjoying one another’s company. There’s activities to do such as going to the movies and watching a Christmas special, drinking hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights around your neighborhood.

“I want to go see all the lights down at riverside and all, I would really like to do that or go to universal and I think it would be fun” says Breanna Fausto, a junior.

There is also a bucket list to create with loved ones. Putting your ice skating skills to the test is always a fun activity you can do. Along with going out to dinner or baking special treats. You can also make custom ornaments with each other. Other plans to do is to get more in touch with your crafty side and make custom stockings or even create a very own bucket list filled with aspirations you guys desire.

The month of December is coming to a close end, yet there is still so much to do! Family, friends, and loved ones are the best to make plans like these with. Make sure to enjoy the season and spread the Christmas joy around.