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Top Selling Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are some of the most unforgettable and favored movies. There are so many to watch like the comedy, Elf, the animated film, The Polar Express, the memorable Home Alone, and the romantic film Love Actually. Some of these films were so good that a lot people spent their money to see it.

The top grossing Christmas film is known to be Home Alone. Its final box office made $285 million dollars in a matter of time. It was released on November 16th, 1990, and was the number one film at box office for twelve weeks. This movie is full of laughter and excitement for the whole family to enjoy. It has relatable characters such as the loud aunt, the moody teenage cousin, the rushing mom, and many more dysfunctional family members. It proves how childhood independence isn’t always scary, it can be fun too! You can have the ability to have ice cream for dinner and binge watch all the rated R movies you wish to see.

Coming in second, the heart warming movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas made a total of $260 million dollars at domestic Box Office since Universal released it in 2000. The mean Grinch spends his time ruining Christmas before finally realizing that Christmas is in people’s hearts, not just under their trees. You can learn how being bad does not always make you feel as good as you thought it would, like teasing people for being different. Forgetting about simple pleasures of holidays is easy, and this amazing film can remind you of them.

The Polar Express¬†is an exciting movie full of adventure. This movie will have your eyes never leaving the screen, that’s why it made $183 million dollars at box office. After its release in 2004, it was labelled as one of the top ranking holiday films by Warner Bros. There’s no question on why. Sometimes you just have to believe and take a leap, and that is what the main character does.

People just could not get enough of this one!¬†Home Alone 2: Lost In New York was just as successful as the first movie with a box office gross of $173 million dollars. Robbers who pick on this precocious kid, Kevin, don’t know what’s coming to them. This time, he’s running around the streets and a hotel! You can expect many laughs and shock with this movie. On a heartwarming note, you will learn to reach out to people more!

As you can see these are the top grossing holiday films. What movie will you be watching these holidays, one of the top selling holiday movies or your own personal favorite?


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