Holiday Movies, Baking, and Christmas Light Gazing

Christmas Traditions!

Carlos Sanchez

Isabella Highfill, Writer/Reporter

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Christmas time is around and the holiday spirit is spreading. Many people have traditions when it comes to the famous season. Traditions such as light seeing with the family, baking special recipes for the particular season, or watching a certain Christmas movie you put on every year. Christmas time holds many traditions and certain tasks that people are able to accomplish. It brings out the positive and helps spread good vibes, especially christmas-y ones.

“For my family I’d say our most common tradition would be cooking. We make a bunch of food like tamales, champulado, and posole. All my family cooks so it’s fun” Breanna Fausto, a junior explained.

Decorations are also a big part of family traditions during the holidays. Many past down displays that are put up only once a year, but it is an unique tradition many love. Same goes with baking! Many families have a secret recipe they only pull out during the seasonal times to give away to friends and family, or to make for a special dinner!

“I love decorating for Christmas. We decorate a lot and all my family helps out so it makes it really enjoyable.” Says Emily Robbins, a sophomore. “We put on Christmas music as well and sometimes we bake. But decorating is definitely my favorite because we all do something and it just makes the house all bright and pretty.”

Christmas traditions takes place in the lives of many students at Oak Hills, even the staff and teachers. Some teachers and staff even decorate their classroom or office for Christmas and even that has become a small tradition. It also helps get into the holiday spirit

“I like to bake with my mom and we play board games to, my family and I do so it’s nice and I’d say that becomes our traditions without trying.”  Christian Wilson, a junior indicated.

Many traditions are important to families and the special event travels down through generations or are created from the ground and grew to be one that is adored and loved. Families, friends, and loved ones come together to spend the holiday with each other and that itself is even a tradition!

“A lot of my family comes over and we bake or we just hang out.” Says Jocelyn Gonzalez, a sophomore. “But we usually just spend time together. It’s the one time we all really get together and it’s fun because it’s Christmas so we just spend the day together” 

The holiday joy is being spread throughout OHHS and the spirit  tends to linger. Warm smells, and Christmas mood have taken over for the month of December. Along with the cheerful attitudes, families put up lights and bake and spend time together as traditions are accompanied by its people.