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Top Dog Rally

Recognizing the students with a 3.5 or higher.

December 20, 2017



Crystal Lopez

Crystal Lopez


The Top Dog Rally is one of the most important events that take place here at Oak Hills High School. The academic rally that recognizes the students with a 3.5 or higher from last years second semester grades. With the exception of the students in Freshman Focus who earned a grade point average of 3.0 this semester, there will not be freshman attending this event.

The Top Dog Rally shows students that they are being appreciated for their hard work. When a student is invited to this event they will receive a certificate stating that they will be invited to the rally. This year, the Rally will take place December 21st during third and fourth period. This event is to not only recognize students, but is an exciting event for students to have fun, and receive prizes by raffle.

It is an event that knowledges the students that have worked hard last year. Students that will be recognized will be the students who received a 3.5 or higher”

— Zion Brown

This event is operated by the OHHS Associated Student Body (ASB) and coordinated by Genevieve Johnston, ASB Coordinator. ASB is in charge of making events on campus exciting, keeping the school spirit alive, and making sure students involved.

The Top Dog Rally will have a variety of events taking place for the students invited. Performances by clubs such as the OHHS choir, band, and much more will perform. Prizes will be given away at the event through a raffle.

ASB will be giving out prizes which may include headphones, flat screen television, gift cards and more. Students in attendance will be given the chance to win such prizes for their hard work.

“Keep up on good grades, and maintain a 3.5 or above,” encourages Genevieve Johnston, Oak Hills High School Vice Principal of Activities. “[This year] Out of the 2,400 students [there are] 586 students States Genevieve Johnston, Oak Hills High School Vice principal of Activities [that earned] a 3.0 or higher second semester last year. For this year we are setting the bar a little bit higher.”

The Top Dog Rally is a way to encourage students who are not attending this event to work harder and to be able to attend next year’s rally. Maintaining good grades is important and isn’t easy, but working hard towards a goal is possible. Students can attend next year’s rally by simply keeping up good grades.

List of events taking place at Top Dog Rally

Photo Provided by Genevieve Johnston

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