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The Life of a Yearbook Bulldog

Natalia Sabatino

The Life of a Yearbook Bulldog

Nicole Kunzman, Yearbook Photography Editor

Nicole Kunzman is a Junior at Oak Hills High School.  Nichole is a Photography Editor for three sections in the 2017-2018 Yearbook. She took Yearbook in Middle School, following in her older sister’s footsteps, and ever since she has been passionate about Yearbook.

She was a photographer for Yearbook before taking on the role of an editor. She was able to get the position through hard work and dedication. For her position, the most important thing to remember is that every little thing done is for the bigger picture, which is the Yearbook.

Nicole can often be found stepping out of her comfort zone and making new friends wherever she goes. She is sociable and ready to have small talk with anybody.  These traits are helpful for her position as Yearbook Editor because she needs to go out and make people feel comfortable if she can take pictures of them for her sections.

“After I got to know her she’s an easy going person,”  said Diego Dominguez, Senior JROTC First Sergeant.

Nicole’s responsibilities and roles in Yearbook include having a flexible schedule, being organized, and being able to take great pictures for her assigned sections.

She is willing to use her free time to take pictures for yearbook at events such as sports games and club events. Another job she contributes to is being a team leader, as an Editor she has to send photographers to help her and make sure every event is covered.

The benefits that Nichole has found in having a role in Yearbook is that it is preparing her for the business world. She always wanted to own her own trucking business, so she feels that the roles she has in yearbook is molding her into business management.

Nicole has taken all this responsibility while maintaining good grades. She is excited to enter her senior year being in Yearbook here at Oak Hills High School.

Devon Sherrodd, Oak Hills High School English teacher and Yearbook adviser encourages her students to work hard every year to make sure that Oak Hills High School has the best yearbook possible.

“Sometimes the work can be overwhelming,” says Nicole. “But the relationships and hard work that comes out of it is so worth it.”

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