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Photo taken by Damon Davis

Photo taken by Damon Davis

Damon Davis

Damon Davis

Photo taken by Damon Davis

Wrestling Starts Off Hot

Oak Hills High School Wrestling Team Starts Off the Season Strong

December 20, 2017

Oak Hills High School 2017-2018 wrestling season is looking to supersede the previous season’s dreams of taking home a fifth Mojave River League finalists banner and supplant themselves as another winning team lead by former MMA fighter second year coach, David Espinosa.

Oak Hills High School hosted one of their two annual tournaments on December 2nd to kickoff the season. Attendance held very highly graded teams such as Poway, Corona Centennial, and rivalists Sultana High School. Oak Hills took 3rd place after an absolutely dominant showcase by Poway Unified, followed by Sultana showing up big on the road.

Needless to say, the Bulldogs understand they have work to be done.

Isaac Serrano
Photo taken by Isaac Serrano

Varsity Senior Captain Shelton Miller stated about the team’s performance, “We didn’t get the 1st place trophy like we wanted but we got the 3rd place title that we needed. We saw that good guys aren’t invincible and we just need to work a bit harder to beat them next time and be apart of that top 1%.”

Although taking 3rd place is often intolerable to the Bulldog’s traditional performances, this was far from a defeat. This team is a very young group of wrestlers with many varsity performers leaving these previous two seasons. Despite these hardships, the Bulldogs have always found ways to win and are expected to do the same this season due to their relentless attitude and philosophy.

“The energy in the wrestling room is always up, everyone comes in with a positive attitude and puts in the hard work we need to be moving forward and not backwards. We push each other to our limits and it just gets us better everyday which is all I can ask for.”

“Everyone on the wrestling team is there ready to go by three o’clock and ready to put in work.” Varsity wrestler Phoenix Davis added to Oliva’s thoughts. “Whether it is a freshmen or a senior, we strive to get better each other everyday. It’s supplemented in our minds and its keeping us successful so nobody questions anything.”

Davis continues, “Everyone commits to the sport, we’ve all sort of had our own experiences to all show us that if you’re not there to better yourself and your fellow wrestler next to you, then there’s no point to be there.”

With this mindset, despite losing key elements to the varsity lineup of last year, Oak Hills High School’s wrestling team proves to be capable competitors and doesn’t plan on losing this season leaving the public with high hopes of some great match ups.

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