Final Exam Anxiety

Finals, Chaos, and the Holidays

Savannah Godinez, Managing Editor

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The most stressful and dreaded time of the year has finally come upon us: finals.

Although it is a stressful time of year for all of us students, we still have a two week break to look forward to and of course the upcoming holidays. Anxiety is a common feeling during this time of year and it most definitely is not fun to deal with. Every student in school has to go through a series of tests for each of their periods that consists of all the things that they have learned that year. Not only do students have to deal with the stress of trying to pass a test, but they also have to come to terms with the fact that finals determine their final grade. Also the determination of these grades are worth a lot of points.

Finals are a very tough time of year for every student around the world and although the emotions of stress and anxiety are horrible they are partially covered up with the excitement for the holiday season and break.

On the last week before winter break the school dedicates two days for testing on finals. During these two days, which this semester are Tuesday December 19 and Wednesday December 20, students have specific schedules set for these days. Sadly, these two days are not the worst of the chaotic mess of finals that many students go through during the last month before the semester ends. It usually hits the week before finals when final assignments and projects are being given out, meaning the last chance to get your grade up before taking the actual final test. Keeping in mind that your final test is usually worth about ten percent of your final grade.

Every student most likely has a jam packed schedule with studying and finishing up the last of their assignments. During this time many students usually have no time for anything other than their school life and according to sophomore Aryanna Rosilies it can be very frustrating.


“Finals give me no time for sleep or anything because I am so stressed and worried about them”.


Close to all students spend most of their time studying and preparing as much as they can for finals before it gets too late. Aside from studying there is also the last of assignments and projects that need to be done as well as any homework that is given.

Within the week before finals actually begin there is a lot to do and then the continuing week it’s test time. Students have the stress of worrying about whether or not they passed and what there final grade will turn out to be. Some students also happen to believe that if finals were maybe around a different time, it would actually be more helpful.

Other opinions on this topic from students is that finals are not anything to look forward to no matter what time of year they are around. “I mean I don’t think there is any good time for finals but I wish teachers would not make them at the end,” Rosilies added, “Because if you have such a good grade in the class and you get a bad score on the final your grade is ruined but it works vice versa so it’s a good and bad timing just depends on the people.”

Despite the anxiety and stress that arises from the finals of the semester, there is still winter break to look forward too. A two week break full of no work because the semester has ended and their is a holiday filled season, nothing has ever sounded better during the moment of finals.

Although finals can be very hard and seem never ending once students have reached the the point where its over, there is something waiting in return, a long and much needed winter break.

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