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A new look for Oak Hills High School Boys Basketball

What 2018 holds for OHHS Basketball

Isaac Serrano, Sports Editor

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Basketball has been a staple of Oak Hills High School’s reputation of having high level, dominant sports teams. Alongside baseball, wrestling and even soccer, OHHS basketball is looking for another big and ambitious season. They have been working since last summer, with their season of dedication never truly ending.

OHHS Senior varsity captain, Jonathan J. Lyon, has his goals for this season set out, “This years Oak Hills High School boys varsity basketball team is nothing like what it was last year, we had so many superstars on our team last year compared to this year- us being a brand new team. We understand that we can’t beat teams by stacking up talent against our opponents, but we can definitely beat them by outworking them. We’re just being realistic, we understand that we are not the best but we also understand that we are a very hard team to beat. Basketball is a team sport, so as a team we have goals to improve every game in all areas.”

Of course he will need the help from his coaching staff, lucky for JJ and the rest of the team, Coach Clark has similar goals.

One player who wishes to remain anonymous states, “I am very confident in this team’s potential. I believe we can go undefeated this season. With no hesitations, we can be the best team in the High Desert. The schedule looks very capable to conquer.”

Summer practices and summer camp has prepared Oak Hills for a season with high expectations that the players are confident they will fulfill. With a semester of school just about over, OHHS has great things to look forward to entering 2018 after winter break.


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Isaac Serrano, Sports editor

Born on October 1st, 2000, Isaac’s favorite color is red. He enjoys working out, following up on sports, learning about kinesiology topics and nutrition, and talking to people. Isaac enjoys listening to hip hop and rap, and would describe himself as a charismatic leader who is interested in others.

His favorite quote is “Am I a good person? No. Do I try to better myself everyday? Also no.” – Anonymous

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A new look for Oak Hills High School Boys Basketball