Robotics Club

Ana Ascencio, Copy Editor

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UPDATED:(October 23, 2015) The name of the sophomore is Nathian Berghoff.

The robotics club, lead by Ross Rowland, the AP biology, renewable energy, and STEM robotics teacher, meets in room B-13 on Fridays at lunch for club duties, and Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after school for building sessions. Students in Robotics Club primarily work on fundraising and building robots to compete in regional, state, and world competitions. As a club, the students learn how to work in teams, develop leadership roles, develop designs and prototypes, engineering aspects, and computer programing.

“It’s very fun, and very educational,” said sophomore Nathian Berghoff.

“Watching these kids mature as they develop and get ‘aha’ moments,” said Rowland, “That’s always the biggest reward for me, but for them it’s the experience working with all these other kids and adapting constantly on the fly. It’s a real trouble seeking adventure.”