Black Lives Matter

Yes, they actually do

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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Throughout the course of history, people of color have been punished in various way for simply being different. African Americans are a huge part of the population from the beginning of America when slavery first started in the states. There have been many uprisings because of this discrimination throughout history. Now in the 21st century a movement called Black Lives Matter has stood up against this inequality.


Black Lives Matter or BLM first started when police violence and unnecessary shootings started to unravel right in front of citizens. Black Lives Matter was created by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi after the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman on the night of February 2012 while walking home with a hoodie on and snacks for his little brother. From the small movement made with a hashtag, BLM has become one of the most known organizations across the United States. They work on funding money to the families of those who have been lost to unlawful police violence, setting up ways of protest for others to follow, and building a common power to intervene with the violence on the black community.


To no surprise, the movement has come in contact with great amounts of backlash. People have come from all sides to say that it is a terrible and that it should be All Lives Matter. What individuals have to understand is that, yes, all lives matter. BLM never said that their lives were better than everyone else’s or that no one else matters. Every human life is important and that is what the movement is all about if people really paid attention to it. To us, the black community and those who support it, it seems like society is mistreating a specific race, as they have been for centuries, all because of skin color. In 2015, 30% more unarmed black men were killed than white. In that same year 99% of all officers were not convicted of a crime. BLM is to show the world of the wrongdoing in the world against a group of people for reasons that the justice system won’t give an answer to.


Saying #AllLivesMatter to go against #BlackLivesMatter is like saying that there shouldn’t be a breast cancer month because all cancer matters. Which once again is correct, all cancer does matter but people are trying to get people to support and notice one of the cancers causing the most problems in society. So BLM focuses on the community that is targeted in society and has more deaths that are unnecessary. People constantly try to shut it down though because secretly they are scared of an uprising of power and change.


Black Panther was disarmed because they fought for the same thing, police violence. This was back in 1966 and for another campaign to have to begin after 51 years is disgusting. Just like the Panther Party, BLM is in constant fear of being shut down to the point when there was even a petition to get rid of it with thousands of signatures on it. Society needs to stop trying to shut down the party that is meant to protect people and strive for answers to unneeded violence and instead focus on the recent Nazi groups that have been forming all around the world. They are the ones who need to be under the justice system’s eye and they are the ones who need to be torn apart as opposed to the BLM movement.


Black Lives Matter is not just about the black community. It is also about any other group that has been oppressed such as women, the LGBTQ community, those falsely incarcenated, disabled, and immigrants. BLM believes that they cannot possibly achieve true equality and form a better version of humanity if others are not fought for too. There is so much to the organization that people don’t realize unless they take out the time to read and understand it. You also have to focus on the fact that you may not be apart of the group that is being oppressed. Yes, it may hurt to hear that but just because you may live a privileged life does not mean that you cannot learn and comprehend the reason for Black Lives Matter.


You may even decide to be apart of it. We are open to all who will support us and fight for equality.

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