Festive Fall Decor

Turkey day decor

Carlos Sanchez

Isabella Highfill, Writer/Reporter

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The leaves are starting to turn their colors and the weather is turning cold. Fall came a little late this year, and we’re still having certain problems with it, but that’s okay because it all gets made up for when the holidays tend to near.

“We have a little pumpkin display, and we put it in the center of the table, so when we eat, we have a little holiday festivity”, Ray Rodriguez, an Oak Hills High School sophomore said.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner but thanksgiving break is even closer! Before we know it, pumpkin pies, turkeys, and other yummy variations of food will be out of stock and onto your table to eat.

“I put up little stringers of leafs, like banners, and we have candles to make it smell good. Like pumpkin and anything warm but we usually just dress nice for the holiday to get into the spirit. We always put it up a day before though! It still counts“ Randy Conner, OHHS freshman remarked.

Many home and families have certain decor for the holiday. Either if it’s setting up the table a certain way, hanging up streamers or wreaths, setting a certain smell into the air, or even watching the Thanksgiving Parade in your favorite jammies! There’s many decor traditions a lot of Oak Hills students have, even the staff!

“My mom puts up a wreath to get into the fall spirit. We put it up to make the house look nice. We put out fall candles too, to make the house smell good”, Oak Hills freshman, Kaila Tang said.

Thanksgiving has the traditional decor of leaves and pumpkins and anything that has a color pallet of green, brown, red, yellow or orange. It gives off a cozy vibe and compliments the household.

“We usually go to my Grandma’s for thanksgiving. She decorates by putting leaves, different colored ones, fall colored ones, and she puts them on the table and it looks really cute and really sets the mood.”,sophomore Ruby Tailor said.

Thanksgiving holds many traditions and decor. Through generations many displays of decor for the holidays have been crafted by hand and passed on for generations. This gives a lot of festivity to family homes, even if the decor is setting a certain smell. There is decor all around to represent fall and the holiday of November.

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