Riverdale has Taken the World by Storm

A spin on a beloved classic.

Maria Gaeta, Opinion Editor

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Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead.


Archie comics has been a widely known and a beloved comic for decades. People fell for the relatable and quirky characters such as Archie Andrews who is the typical American teenager who loves girls, milkshakes, and sports. These characters captured the hearts of many from the beginning in the 1940’s!

Through the years the Archie gang became known as America’s favorite teenagers, and now they’re back with a twist. With the murder of Cheryl Blossom’s twin brother the town has been thrown into chaos. The newbie from New York, Veronica Lodge, has stolen the hearts of the high school. For these 10th graders everything has changed in this small town and it seems that it will never become a normal high school again.

There a few changes in not only the way the story has been running with the murder mystery, and the major personality changes within the characters. Jughead becoming a solemn boy with a hard past, Betty becoming the stereotypical “goody-two-shoes with a dark side”, and Veronica being a nice girl and not a rich mean girl. These changes have caused many people to take a second look at this show, and either fall in love with the show or absolutely hate it.

Like all shows there are articles that love it and hate it. However, it’s a great way for generations to connect those who grew up with Archie Comics and those who are watching Riverdale. It builds a bridge among these generations.

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