RC First Competition

After four weeks of training , Robotics and Engineering Club is ready to start the RC racing season.

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RC First Competition

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On November 9th, the official start of the 2017 RC racing season for Robotics and Engineering club began. Seventeen drivers from Sultana, Hesperia, Canyon Ridge and Oak Hills High School are coming to meet for this particular event. Taking place at Coyote Hobbies, (Industrial Boulevard, Victorville) the complex holds a track which measures one quarter of a mile and stations for the racing teams. For the first race this season, OHHS drivers managed to come on top nearly filling the entire top five positions.

Starting on October 19th, RC became an addition to the already growing Robotics and Engineering club. With six trucks and four weeks of testing with the vehicles assigned to each team, all drivers were ready for the start of the season. For the first four weeks, teams spent four to five hours every Thursday meeting at Coyote Hobbies to work on their vehicles. Each team went through a thorough lesson on proper use and management of their vehicles, and learned the use of various tools to make their job easier.

Jayk Stanek, Freshman of class 2021 at Oak Hills High School, is a new member of the Robotics and Engineering club. He expressed his fears and new found friends he made on the first day of the program. “Walking into the building [Coyote Hobbies] two weeks late was daring, but I already knew that I was where I belonged.”

At the end of the training sessions, drivers had three hours to troubleshoot their trucks and put their skills to the test. Filled with jumps and various turns, the track is hard yet favorable to those that can master it. The track is layered with a clay base and surrounded by a wooden barrier that leads up to a stage for the drivers to meet on when racing. Justin Burghduff of class 2020 is also a new student to the Robotics and Engineering club. He simply said that the track was nice and later added that the track was moist.

The start of the season went by in less than a hour, with many racers not even making it to the track. Representing OHHS, teams drivers Nathian Burghduff, Julia Swanson, Justin Burghduff, Nathan Morris, Jayk Stenak, and leading with the best lap time in the league, Daniel Abbott. Only fourteen of the seventeen drivers were ready for the start of the season. The “A Main” bracket had four out of the six OHHS teams in it. The “B Main” bracket had the two remaining teams, but by the final race, all OHHS teams had made it into the A Main bracket. As the final race came to a close, Daniel Abbott came in first with the best track time seen that day. Nathan Morris came in with a close third followed by Nathan Burghduff who came in fourth. The final race saw many RC casualties, with three cars being removed from the track do to damage and unresponsive connection. Daniel, current season leader, talks about “it’s a challenge, but it is all worth it.”

With another eleven races to go, it is expected for the current rankings to change frequently throughout the next upcoming weeks. The next race is on November 16th and the OHHS drivers are prepared to dominate the competition.

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