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Senioritis or Laziness

Senioritis taking over the senior population

Seniors are at the end of their journey as high school kids, hitting that point of realization that they have nine months to get it together. All the pressure of college applications, SAT’s and living a normal life can get overwhelming. Being in the same school with the same people can be tiring. As many people know “Senioritis” is a common excuse that students use for their behavior of slacking off. Some teachers may think it is a way to get out of working hard or just a lack of motivation.

“Senioritis may be real in the sense that a lot of Seniors get more lazy their last year of high school,” explains Matt Smith, a Teacher at Oak Hills High School. “For most Seniors, they need to pass all or most of their classes to graduate. My advice would be to keep that in mind. Stay focused and avoid waiting to the last minute.” 

Laziness is common in the last year of high school, four years of constant stress preparing for college and life can make a student’s tired. Although it is a lot of stress it can be easier to use that as motivation to finish  strong. All those years of hard work to just give up now won’t help any student in the long run. Senioritis is a word to excuse the fact that students are becoming lazy, and teachers by now don’t buy it.

I believe that Senioritis exists. I think we ignore it because it happens so naturally; we barely even notice when we are in the extreme stages of Senioritis,”

— Ericka Ontiveros, a senior at Oak Hills High School

I myself as a senior I know that senior year can take a toll on our lives with all the amount of stress we are under. Slacking off can become a normal thing as the months go by, and setting things aside as well. Many students can find themselves also being even more on top of their work instead of slacking off. It all depends on the person, and their views of where they are at towards the end of their high school career. Some students are on top of their work for the last year of high school, and feel that slacking off is okay. Then there are students who slacked off the three years before and feel that they need to finish strong. At the end of the day Senioritis is just a term for seniors that are slacking off. Many teachers will suggest that seniors finish out strong, and don’t fall behind.

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