Thanksgiving Traditions

OHHS Student's Traditions

Savannah Godinez, Managing Editor

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Thanksgiving traditions are amongst all of us students here at Oak Hills High School. There are many different cultures that make all of us students who we are. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner is what most of us here at OHHS have but there are some other unique traditions that account for other students. Some of the cultures that are included are Mexican, American, Chinese, Indian, Polish and many more. Other things that students here at OHHS do to make Thanksgiving traditions fall apart from a basic tradition is celebrating elsewhere in the world. One student actually attends a Thanksgiving dinner in different states or countries. Some just do different activities for Thanksgiving that don’t normally account for a traditional dinner.

In a recent survey about holiday traditions a majority of kids celebrate their Thanksgiving meal at home with immediate family or celebrate at a relative’s house with more family around. Most family traditions consist of the more normal which is going around the table and saying what they are thankful for. Other traditions consist of watching the football games, going black friday shopping, or splitting the wishbone of the turkey.

Aryanna Rosiles says that some of her Turkey day traditions are watching the cowboys play “On Thanksgiving we watch the cowboys play, it’s like a tradition”. 

Some students even go to the extent of playing fun games or dancing to music after their meal. Going over to grandma’s house for dinner and spending time with other relatives is common between students. As well as switching families every year, mom one year then dad the other.

“I go with my mom’s family one year and then I do my stepdads family the other year”says Aryanna Rosiles about her yearly traditions.

When twenty-six students were asked about a Thanksgiving dinner the most common and important was saying a prayer before eating their meal. All of these different ethics are the most common and unique traditions amongst the students here at OHHS.

Food, one of the most important parts of Thanksgiving is something that can be expanded on largely throughout the students of OHHS. There are many different and countless food traditions for Thanksgiving that many students have from their cultures. For the most part the majority of all 29 students at OHHS were asked about their Thanksgiving dinner, all of them had the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, ham, etc. Yet what really stood out was when they were asked about their unique Thanksgiving foods that were not apart of a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Answers ranged from different Traditional mexican foods and a variety of different meats. The different meats that were given were lamb, liver, and beef. Some students even had fish apart of their meal such as salmon and fried fish, that is normally referred to in spanish as mojarras. Some other unique foods that were apart of a mexican tradition where tamales, pozole, and flan. They were also desert foods like homemade fudge, sweet potato pie, and pumpkin pie.

There is a very wide variety of Thanksgiving foods amongst the students of OHHS that account for being a unique tradition.  Thanksgiving traditions consist of many different foods, activities, and beliefs due to the large variety of students and culture at OHHS. These different cultures are what make all Thanksgivings amongst the students truly unique.

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