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November 8, 2017

Paw Print is the student-run online newspaper of Oak Hills High School. Paw Print invites our Oak Hills High School students, teachers, and staff the opportunity to suggest article ideas.

Click here and tell us what you would like to see in Paw Print.

We, the Paw Print staff, are dedicated to informing the students of Oak Hills High School and becoming their main means of communication. We serve to be representatives and the voice of the student body. Our context is student based because the most important aspect of the Paw Print, the quality that defines our entire purpose, is to focus on the stories of the people. We do not show bias, but we report truthfully. We do not show favoritism, but we cover even the smallest of stories. We believe that everyone’s voice needs to be heard, and we are here to be their microphone. The Paw Print staff writes with the utmost passion in their works, and try their hardest to create the most captivating, eye-opening stories. Our readers may expect nothing but the best from us, and we promise to deliver.

Paw Print Journalism is not only a class, but a club. We are always looking for writers, editors, and photographers. For more information, visit Paw Print every Monday at lunch in room D-16.

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