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Teachers Who are Launching Their Students To The Stars

Teachers who do the most to help their students

November 1, 2017

There are teachers who take their job as a way to make money but there are also teachers who make it a mission to help their students grow. Some teachers that really shine a light on the Oak Hills High School campus have so much impact on students lives and make efforts to make learning something students want to do.

Teachers are never really appreciated. Teachers pay for supplies with their own money, invest extra time into their students, and some teachers go above and beyond by getting involved with students lives through clubs and more.

Being a teacher is a job, they of course work for a paycheck but at the end of the day they work for more than money. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs you can have because teachers are given the opportunity to shape or help improve students lives. They are someone to talk to and help guide you through complications in your life.

Mrs. Boulanger, an English teacher here on campus, never even wanted to be a teacher because she did not want to follow the path of her parents due to the fact that each of her parents were teachers. She became really into teaching and it led to the path of teaching history. It was a long journey for her to start her teaching career in English.

Ironically, she was not to fond of the subject of English and made an effort to improve her teaching skills by going to seminars, doing research, and asking other good teachers around her.  This year Mrs. Boulanger stepped out even more and took on being an AVID teacher, a Speech and Debate teacher, and is an advisor of two clubs (Speech and Debate Club and National History Day Club.)

She has her students do projects that will improve their research, grammar, and improve them as people. Her classroom is a safe place for students to give their opinion and express their ideas. Every week her English class has open debates about real life situations.

Mrs. Boulanger says she likes to challenge her students to think because she believes all her students “have something to say.”

Another teacher that goes above and beyond is Mr. Williams, a science teacher here at Oak Hills High School. He is an AVID teacher and treats his students as if they are family. Williams cares for each of his AVID kids and wants to see them succeed, he has been there for them every step of the way and is open to help any student that comes to his door because his door is always open.  He is a teacher who genuinely cares for lives instead of a paycheck because it is rewarding to him to make a difference in his students lives. He believes that every student is smart and valuable.

Mr. Williams says, “I want to make a difference. I want to be remembered.”

Heaven Silesky, a senior AVID student of Mr. Williams, said “He had benefited my life by helping me see my potential”.

Math seems to be the most dreadful class for most students. Math can only be taught so many ways so when a teacher uses ways to connect to the students so they grasp the idea of formulas and equations it is worth the praise. Mrs. Bell, a math teacher on campus, has her students collaborate and do work that is worth doing. She took her Finite class out to the football field and explained the idea of angles. She makes an effort to reach the interest of every student to make math more tangible and memorable. Bell treats each and every student as she would like to be treated and never puts herself above her students making her classroom a safe place for students.

Mrs. Bell says that she continues to consume feedback and better herself to make her teaching better.

Teachers should be more recognized for all the hard work they do. They dedicate their lives for the lives of others. Be thankful for everything your teacher does for you no matter what it comes down to. These teachers, along with other great bulldog teachers, make it their mission that you are successful in life.

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