The Reality of being a Band Member

Band Member Profile: Citlally Orenday

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The Reality of being a Band Member

Savannah Godinez, Editor In Chief

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The constant movement of marching through a field while having the faint sound of instruments being played has filled the life of many band members. Long hours of practice and challenging obstacles has taught the importance of patience and dedication to many of the current members in our Oak Hills High School band. Citlally Orenday, junior and current member of our OHHS band has been participating in this activity for seven years now. She first joined band in fourth grade and has continued ever since. She will also continue to play until she leaves high school.

In 7th grade I played percussion…. In 8th grade I joined Jazz band in which there was no flutes allowed so I decided to learn trombone. I played trombone both 8th and 9th grade and stopped because I was no longer in the Jazz program”. Citlally’s main instrument is the flute but she has switched around to other instruments as she has just stated.

One thing many students do not take into account is how much hard work our school band puts in. They have many long practices during the week as well as activities and events they must attend to. These long hours continue to go through their personal life and time that should be spent on homework. Their practices on Tuesday’s last from 5 to 8 pm, then on Thursday’s their practices are from 2:35 to 5:35 pm. Both of these practices are three hours long even the ones they may have on Saturday’s. Band also has additional practices for when they are preparing for special events these practices are shorter so they do not tire out the members as would other practices. Citlally states her opinion on juggling school work and band practice. 

“Band can be very stressful at times. Especially my Tuesday practices… I have little time to do homework before I end up falling asleep. So band can effect me schoolwise because of the amount of homework I get in my classes”. 

As far as taking band into a career, Citlally has decided that she is not going to only because she has joined band in school for the activity and involvement. She claims that band has given her many unforgettable memories and experiences which she will never forget. There has been times when Citlally has thought about quitting band because of how tiring it can get when trying to balance her school life and many other things. She gives the honest reason as to why she has not quit band in the many years that she has been participating in it.

My mom always tells me to not give up because I’ve been doing band for 7 years and it is not time to give up on what I enjoy. Also my friends keep me going because they are always telling me how much more different it would be if I were not involved with the band”.

The activities that band attends are actually split up between semesters. The first semester of school band attends many competitions, this is the marching/field season. At these events they perform a field show and get scored based off that performance. Second semester is the indoor part of their events. During this semester they perform in a lot of festivals and concerts. During festivals they compete and get a rating for how they sound. As for the concerts, family members are allowed to attend and watch the band perform for them.

Communication skills and patience is one of the most important things that has been taught to Citlally while she was in band. Every instrument has a section in which they all have to learn to work together in order to have a good sound as a whole. During this time Citlally says that this is where most of her memories have grown from.

“So far my experience in band has been good. I have been able to make many friends. Especially with the section I am involved with. My section and I have gotten really close and we love hanging out with one another”.

All though band can be a very challenging activity, Citlally has grown her liking for participating in the series of events for band. She will not continue this into her college years but she will always have the memories of being in band with her forever.