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Is Getting a License Important?

On the Road

Haley Tudor, Editor

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Many citizens may say that getting a driver’s license is important, and then there are some who say that it is irrelevant for the present time being. Driving is a fast and easy way to get around and go places, such as school and work. Some younger people who go to school and/or have a job might say that they would rather drive themselves then have someone else take them, or ride the bus. It is a privilege to take control, and be able to take full responsibility of yourself. Some may say to have freedom, and not feel like they are trapped inside of a box.


Even when you become an adult, the thriving urge to get your license never goes away, and actually may become worse. For instance, when you are an adult, and you are no longer in high school, but have the intention of going to college and most likely have a job, you probably do not want to walk, take the bus, or travel by other kinds of transportation. Also, when you are an adult, and have the ability to go and test for your license, but you still ask constantly for a ride from someone who does drive, it makes you seem like a child and that those people are expected to be your caregiver, harsh, but very true.


Junior Bella Rodriguez stated, “I think getting a license is important at our age. We can drive ourselves places and go hang out with friends without asking our parents for a ride”. To some younger people, they may find that getting their license is a must.


On the other hand, there are other students who disagree. Junior Amber Deavers commented, “At our current age I don’t think it’s that important. We have time to get it, plus we don’t have control over our freedom yet”. Even though a teenager may get their permit at a young age, and have the right to drive, we still have parents/guardians who need to approve of where we go.


The age restriction you need to be at to test for your license is young. The age you need to be to test for your permit is fifteen and a half, which means if you passed, you would be able to get your license at sixteen. Other students such as myself are holding off on getting a license, or even be driving around with other teenagers on the road, not knowing if they are driving responsibly. Personally, if someone wanted to get their license, or their permit, the appropriate age to get it would probably be seventeen or eighteen. These ages are both heading towards adulthood, and driving is one of the many responsibilities. But if anyone were under these ages and were legal to drive, who would really feel safe to drive themselves?

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Is Getting a License Important?