OHHS: Hip Hop Dance Team

The fiercest team has landed at OHHS

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OHHS: Hip Hop Dance Team

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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The hottest school dance team in the High Desert is in fact right at Oak Hills High School. Putting in time and effort for all the students to enjoy, the Hip Hop Dance Team has come a long way from the start. While there was a different team back in 2014-2015, the new dance team has been reinvented by Crystal Lopez, a senior at OHHS. Crystal Lopez leads as captain and 11th grader, Emoni Cummings as co-captain.


Lopez started the dance team her junior year, and can already see progress in not only the way she coaches but also the team’s performance. She learned from the faults that happened in the 2016-2017 school year and applied what skills she felt would make the team better. This year the Hip Hop dance team is more organized and more prepared for the challenges and expectations they will soon meet.


The team will hopefully soon be a regular attraction for the students at not only pep rallies but also a variety of sports such as basketball games and lunch flash mobs. Lopez hopes that soon enough her dance team will be able to do performances out of school such as Knott’s Berry Farm. Other dance members would like to see their numbers grow in the future and see more effort out on the dance floor.


“Being able to show how hard you’ve been working…and the passion. Being able to just do what you love,” says Crystal on what the best thing about performing is.


Practices for the dance team start at 2:45 PM which allows team members to get changed right after class. With no time to spare, they run one or two laps as a warm up and start dancing right away. Lopez makes sure that her teammates have their choreography down and ensures that everyone stays on top of what is needed. While practices are only Tuesdays and Wednesdays, if a performance is coming their way, the captain will issue practice for the entire week. If not, work out days will be done instead. For regular days, the Hip Hop dance team practices outside of Mrs. Riddle’s classroom, a math teacher at OHHS, from 2:45 PM until 3:45 PM.


“When their heads aren’t in practice but rather just everywhere. I think that’s the worst thing,” stated Crystal on her worst experiences with the team.


Although sometimes they may have their bad days they still work together and push through it. The team has created a bond with each other not only through dance but also in each other’s lives. Each and everyone has an unique thing about them that makes them special towards the team. It is not just all about dance but also creating friendships that will last lifetimes and being able to experience the hard work and the good that comes out of that.


“The best part about being on the team is being apart of the family. Yeah we argue sometimes but that happens when you have a bunch of different people with different personalities, nonetheless we love each other and that can never be broken,” commented Emoni Cummings, the co captain.


Crystal will be graduating after this school year and will have to hand down her Hip Hop dance team legacy. Although she has not told her team who she is picking just yet, she explained that she made her choice because of the person’s attitude toward dance and leadership. The team is exciting and performing can bring all types of adrenaline rushes but it also brings in crunch time which Hip Hop dance has been able to prove that they can totally nail. It requires patience, leadership, and the expression of dance to be on the team.


“[So] join a group of care-free, hard working, have fun, go out there and get it type of people.”