Standardized Testing Figured Out?

Is there a need for new district testing?

Isaac Serrano, Sports editor

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For the time Oak Hills High School has been open, it quickly formed the reputation of being a top school in the HUSD in academics and sports just about every year. With dominance on the sports grounds and excellence in the classroom, Oak Hills takes pride in their works and does their best to top the district’s rankings.

Oak Hills has a lot of very educated, mature students with fantastic teachers instructing them; yet many share a similar distraught attitude towards one common thing, standardized testing. Mr. Bunyea had this to say regarding the single assessment, “I feel as if it is a very good thing in theory for our students but in practicality, it is easily manipulated for the grade.”

Many students have found a system to work around to do with this standardized testing as teachers usually don’t require a grade on the first semester go-around and grade for extra credit on the difference the second time around. Students know this and understand the exploits. An anonymous student quotes, “I’ve done that, it helps my grade and that’s all that seems to matters.”

There is obviously a need for district testing, but the question is, is it time for a new formula? A possible new way to go about this testing is in need of taking place with no answers proposed.

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