The Problem With Modern Day Feminism

Feminism is killing itself with each passing day.

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Equality for all has been sought after for a millennium. Recently however, the stance on equality has shifted between social groups. Extremists have taken footholds in these activist groups, tainting their name. The idea of equal rights has been clouded by these new groups; instead they opt for power over others. Of these groups however, “third wave feminism” has taken advantage of this power grab the most.

Feminism is not the problem, it is the people who make up the feminist movement. Modern day feminism is built by the extremist that surround it. These extremists are known for being “man haters” and “anti-male.” Gender equality was the premise of feminism, but now it is an image for gender empowerment. The women’s suffrage movement back in the 20th century was recognized as women taking a stand for equality, today, feminism is only recognized by seven percent of women in Britain. Sociologists believe that the cause of this major decline comes from the bad reputation around the topic.

Radical feminism has taken hold of the center stage, but not everyone agrees with their motives and agenda. Women stopped calling themselves feminists to escape the bad name, but the fight for gender equality still continues. OHHS student Caitlyn Thompson is a dedicated supporter for the feminist movement. She specifically wanted me to understand that “misandry is often mistaken for feminism, and that’s the problem with modern feminism.”

This toxic environment is pushing people away from the feminist movement. The feminist movement does not have a clear goal as to where it is going or where it will go. Infighting among the different ideals is splitting feminism, taking away from the premise. When these groups each have their own ideology or agenda to follow, it misses the point they are trying to make. Oak Hills High School student Kadi Martineau argues “feminism isn’t needed today as much as people in the past did.” She later talks about the binding between groups and how woman and man are overall equal.

The divide between genders has lessened over the years, but there are still places around the world that still discriminate against the sexes. Feminism is supposed to stand for equality between the genders, not the empowerment of them.

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