Handling Practice and Schoolwork

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Handling Practice and Schoolwork

Natalie Hernandez, Staff writer

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Education is a number one priority for many students here in Oak Hills High school. A major conflict between student athletes and education would be the struggle to keep their grades up. Many students as we know like playing sports in school because they enjoy it. Yet most of us fail to realize how it must feel to juggle both school work and practice.


Adrian Rodriguez a freshman and student athlete here at Oak Hills High school, has been playing sports since the young age of five years old and has not stopped since! Adrian plays both football and baseball for Oak. He says practices can last up to as long as two and a half hours.

Adrian states his thoughts on the struggles of being a student athlete and handling schoolwork, “From time to time it is hard but I have to strive at being a student athlete.”

Adrian has been giving it his all in order to keep his grades up even when it gets tough. He pushes through because he knows that success doesn’t come easy. Plus he loves playing sports so he has to have the dedication to keep pushing forward in order to fulfill his passion and succeed within his education.

Jacob Thomas, a freshman who has become a student athlete for the first time this year, has been playing football since he was small. He never really took an interest into joining a team for school or a league. Yet this year Thomas finally took the chance and tried out for football at Oak. It did not come easy to get on the football team, he mentioned that sometimes he had to wake up really early and push himself. In the end his hard work and dedication payed off.

In a recent interview Thomas states, “Sometimes practice does get in the way of my school work but it’s only a little hard to keep my grades up.”

He further talks about how he has always admired playing football and then proceeds to explain how that is part of the reason why he tried out. He knew once he got on the team that it would take a great effort in order to juggle both practice and schoolwork. Stress was not in the picture much for Thomas since he claimed to be a hard worker and have everything under control.


Both Adrian and Jacob have the dedication to be student athletes and there is no doubt about it. Although maybe somewhere along the way things may get hard for them they’ll be able to push through it successfully. Given that Rodriguez and Thomas are dedicated people and have great time management it should be easy for them to control their workflow with their school practice.

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