Discounts you could get with your Student I.D

Benefits of a Student I.D

Savannah Godinez, Managing Editor

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At the beginning of every year we are forced to take a school picture that will go in the yearbook, bus passes, and student I.D’s. Many students dread the idea of having to come to school perfectly done up just to take a picture and have it seen by other people for no apparent reason. Other than the fact that it adds to our high school memories and gives a sense of identification. Student I.D’s would be one of those things were we all have one and have a sense of their importance but the amount of times we actually use one are very low. Something that is not majorly discussed about our student I.D’s would be the discounts we could receive with them.


Although students have quietly accepted the non-use for their I.D’s many would still like to know how they could use their cards to their advantage and get an actual use out of it that would benefit them. Discounts would be a major benefit to a student I.D. One of the more known discounts you could get would be at the movie theaters where your ticket would be discounted to $6.25 instead of the regular price. An unpopular fact about our I.D’s  is that they can actually be used to discount food or even clothing. A popular store among girls is Forever 21, at this clothing store you can get both 10% off at the store and online. Our student I.D’s are not just identification cards anymore they can actually be used to our advantage. Let’s say you wanted to go have Taco bell, Subway, or even Buffalo Wild Wings after school with some friends, you can actually get a 10% off discount on your meal purchase. Pizza Hut and Papa John’s actually offer up to a 10-20% off discount on meal orders. Of course this is not one of the more known things about our I.D’s because it’s never mentioned throughout our discussions of student I.D’s. ASB would be one of the more important and known reasons for the benefits of a student I.D. The reason being would be because you pay a certain amount of money to get in free to all football games and get discounts on many things that are sold at school. One of the more obvious uses would also be your identification which can help you in many situations at school.


There are a number of reasons as to why student’s shouldn’t dread the idea of taking pictures for student I.D. Benefits with the use of your I.D. can give you discounts on not only your favorite clothing stores but also your favorite food places. Therefore leading to a more positive reason to take pictures for our student I.D.’s.

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