Cherish The Educator

Teachers deserve the world

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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Teachers are the building blocks for our future adults. As much as people may hate to think that school and teachers are actually needed, they are. Without teachers the world would be full of idiots, harsh to say but it’s true. Teachers let students jump on their back to reach the top and they do not get enough credit for it. Students are harsh to their educators and so are school districts as a whole.


In the state of California, beginning high school teachers make around $43,000 a year, a mid range teacher makes around $64,000, and the highest high school teacher makes around $85,000. To students, this may seem like a fair amount of salary for our educators but once you think about how much they put towards THEIR education for the job and putting in money for their classrooms. Teachers are not given everything they need for their students such as glue, tissue, paper, hand sanitizer, and extra notebooks. Some teachers will offer extra credit if students bring in supplies but other than that they are on their own. Students need to start realizing that not everything is easy for their mentors. They have to go home and pay their own bills, buy their own food, get their own gas, and then still come to school with items for students. These items usually are shriveled up and completely gone in a matter of week because of some idiotic students that decide to break them. Some teachers also have loans that they need to pay off from their time in college to get their credentials. Loans, as any college students will tell you, are expensive and suck up your money every time they are due. They also drag on throughout your lifetime even after you are done with college and have established yourself.


Teachers have to put in their time for students every single day. While students are able to go home after 2:25, unless you’re in tutoring or an athlete, educators have to stay and grade papers, make lesson plans, and go over any work the district gives them. They’re not just able to go home to their families like everyone else is and they actually have lives. Yes, hard to believe but teachers have lives outside of school. They don’t sleep, eat, and have parties at school. A lot of them have children of their own and families to take care of whether it be house duties or just to be around people they love.


Never forget how much teachers do for their students. They help build us into who we will turn out to be in the future. They are the stepping stones of what people will achieve in life. Even though you may hate their class now once you grow up you’re going to look back at your high school or middle teachers and think about how amazing they were and how much they prepared you. The job you decide to get may even rely on what they taught you or how much you enjoyed their subject. Teachers have lives of their own and people need to realize that. We need to cherish them, not hate them.

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