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American Red Cross was founded in 1881 by Clara Barton and has been running by the support of generous individuals. They provide services to the those in the American armed forces as well as their families, they also help with disaster relief within the United States and were the first to have a nationwide blood program for civilians. Here at Oak Hills High School, we have a Red Cross club with students who help this organization.


Larissa Soares, Red Cross Club president said, “We wanted a club that had a lot of meaning and did great work that would inspire the students at the school.”


This club helps to provide and fundraise for the same things that the organization itself helps with. With the recent natural disasters, many individuals go to the Red Cross in order to donate or lend a helping hand. We have students on campus doing this volunteer work simply because they enjoy it. Activities in this club vary day to day, but the members are always doing something to help someone in need.  


Senior Larissa Soares stated, “In the club we do activities such as volunteering and other services such as preparedness health and services like CPR, services to the armed services… we created veteran Christmas cards last year.”


The club also helps with things such as diseases impacting third world countries. They take pride in their work and the students who help this club run are always ready for a new challenge. Last year, they did an initiative and took part in raising over $200 to help the American Red Cross. The club here at OHHS is simply an extension of this organization so students who join the club are actually members of the ARC. Students have great responsibility in joining the club and it can be tough having to dedicate so much time to an extracurricular activity.


Soares continued, “Advising the club is still very difficult, however it’s amazing to advise a club that does so much good for the community and that gives students an opportunity to connect with their community.”


The Red Cross Club began last year after Larissa talked to the current advisor, Robert Wilson, a teacher here at OHHS. Williams then contacted the chapter advisor for San Bernardino and then Oak Hills High School ASB (Associated student body) in order to officially make the club a reality. After many meetings, connecting with one another, and working so hard to start her own club as a junior, Soares now will be graduating and leaving the club behind.


“I hope this club continues after I graduate and that it continues to create opportunities for the future classes. I see this club as being a huge success and continuing to have members who actively serve in the community.”


Red Cross Club has meetings every other Tuesday during lunch in C-2. Students can join the club with a $5 fee as well as mandatory participation in events and meetings.

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