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On the road to the hopes of a successful basketball career

Athlete Profile: Lydia Garcia

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On the road to the hopes of a successful basketball career

Picture sent in by Lydia Garcia

Picture sent in by Lydia Garcia

Picture sent in by Lydia Garcia

Picture sent in by Lydia Garcia

Savannah Godinez and Kayla Lloyd

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The sound of basketballs dribbling on the gym floor connects to the hard work of the Oak Hills High School varsity girls basketball team. Inside this gym many hours of practice are pulled through with determination and effort coming from each girl contributing to the team. The girls spend a majority of their time committing themselves to the duty of being on a varsity basketball team. This means that they take on the huge task of balancing not only their school work but also their social lives with the hours they put into practicing for basketball. Among these girls is Lydia Garcia, sophomore and #5 on the varsity girls basketball team.

Lydia stated who is behind her motivation, “My mom, she’s been there for me since I first started basketball.”

She speaks about how her mother has always inspired her to keep moving forward and to continue her passion for basketball. Since the age of 5 Garcia has been on the court playing basketball whether it be for a league or for school. Oak Hills has just recently had their basketball tryouts, Lydia was positioned as the former shooting guard on the varsity team and is said to be playing the same position this year on the team as well. Aside from playing on the Oak Hills team Lydia also plays for a travel ball league called high desert stars.

Garcia speaks about her motivation coming from playing travel ball “ Every game that I go for travel ball I see scouts there and I wanna play for the rest of my life, I wanna play ball.”

Lydia then begins to elaborate on her goals after high school.

Garcia spoke on her goals after high school “I plan to go far for basketball, if god lets that work if not I wanna become a labor and delivery nurse.”

 A labor and delivery nurse is the person that cares for the women giving birth. If Lydia were to pursue her basketball career she would want to play for Colorado or Sacramento state. She would also want to pursue the same positions on the court. Later on during the interview Lydia also speaks about one of the lessons that basketball has taught her which is teamwork. She also claims to have created some of the best friendship bonds through her love for basketball.

All in all basketball plays an important role in Garcia’s life and without it she doesn’t know where should would be.

Basketball is not only a passion but a way of life for Lydia. She continues to put her faith in her hard work and determination towards basketball. Her hope is to someday be able to make not just a career but a living out of her love for the game of ball.

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Kayla Lloyd, Staff writer

Kayla was born on August 22nd, 2002, and loves the color pastel yellow. She listens to all genres of music and would describe herself as outgoing and funny.


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On the road to the hopes of a successful basketball career