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Representing Your Class Colors

Representing Your Class Colors

September 15, 2017

Friday is the last day of spirit week, and the most spirited day of them all. Today is the day students wear their school and class colors. All grades got a specific color to represent what grade they were in, and also to represent your school.

Freshman wore gray, and looked great while doing so.

Sophomores looked fierce in black and showed everyone how they’re stepping up in high school.

Juniors had the honor of wearing red, the main color of this school, and they wore it well.

Seniors looking clean and cut, wore white, which stood out among most.

The focus of this article is on the class colors and how students felt about them, and if they had the chance, would they switch? Also, did the students feel like they were representing their school well and did that make them feel proud? Click on the graphic below for some answers.

During lunch, there was music which made the students form into a large crowded circle to watch dancers, which was very fun and hyped up. There was an ASB game with a frozen shirt which involved the shirt rolled up. The players had to see who could unroll the shirt the fastest and put it on.

Justin Montijo was the winner, who was able to win a prize.

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