A Culture Tree of Roots

Adding on to the 2017-2018 Homecoming Spirit Week

Isabella Highfill, Savannah Godinez, Isaac Serrano, Editor/Writer

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Since it’s the week of Homecoming, Oak Hills High School ASB has been putting on games at lunch and making up themes for spirit week. Monday was “Merica Monday”, Tuesday was “Traveling Partner Tuesday”, Wednesday was “Jetlag Wednesday”, Thursday was “Culture Thursday” and Friday will be all about your class colors!

These days were made up in order to promote school spirit for both the homecoming game and dance. Unfortunately, culture day was not expressed through clothing as expected, but instead it was expressed through a school spirit and mind set. The theme of the dance is Rio, Mexico, Paris, and Egypt. Some of Oak Hill High School’s students connected to those cultures for Thursday’s spirit day.

“I think my favorite culture would have to be Polynesians. They have such a great sense of unity and family bonding. They are connected to their roots and hold to their traditions and ceremonies. I’ve tried the food before at a restaurant up here called Ono Hawaiian and I would definitely recommend it.” says Jermani Sadler, a senior.

There are also many cultures some students enjoy that are not so common. It is a good way to spread different and positive information about cultures so that people can learn or take interests in them. Things such as foods, clothing and traditions are a main part of cultures . That’s what people take interest in most when they learn about cultures.

“French is my favorite because [the] french [culture] is all around the world and spoken everywhere. Some of the events in the country celebrate Mardi Gras. The food is really good and I enjoy it. I am in [our school’s] French Club so I was able taste some of it. … I would consider moving to France, that’s not even a question, it looks so great over there,” Kimberly Matus, a junior mentioned.

Many games were played during spirit week as well as music. The game that was played during Culture day was an activity such as a bean-bag toss. The key was to make the bean-bag into a table with a hole in the center of it. Those who dressed up received a candy bag. ASB was in charge of the activity and encouraged those to play.

“My favorite culture is the Native American culture. I like it because they are from a long time ago and they still use the same culture and traditions from back then. I love the festivals and all the feathers and colors and music they have, I love their unique dance rituals they look fun to learn. Their food is a lot different from animal meat to vegetable because they either grow or hunt it. Their clothing looks so warm cause it’s all animal and they make sure they have layers and I like their headbands, they’re so pretty and creative.” says a junior Leslie Garcia.

A popular topic amongst the students was the types of foods, music and dancing from the culture of Native Americans all the way to the culture of Mexicans. Senior Tatyana Armenta had this to say on why she dressed in her Spanish inspired outfit, “Most of my family is from over there and they represent our heritage a lot so I wanted to do a little of that. I like just about everything from over there, the food, music events. The events are really a great thing, the Salsa derives from there and it’s all really great.”

Oak Hills students expressed their cultures through outfits and accessories. Along with spreading their choices of culture through conversations about the food, dances, traditions, fashion and informative vibes. There was a variety of cultures that varied from the most common ones, Such as Mexican and French to the not so common ones like polynesian and Chinese. It was a creative spirit day that was upholded by students at Oak Hills in a very expressive and culturious way.

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