Can Girls Really Do Anything Boys Can?

Natalia Sabatino, Staff writer

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Equality is defined as a state of being equal. We as Americans have the right to equality stated in the Declaration of Independence which is our country’s foundation. How equal are we really? Some people think that there is not much equality going on in our schools. When you hear the words “Football team,” you think of a team of about twenty male players but if you have ever noticed that a girl playing on a football team is unusual. 

“I think that all females should be able to have the same opportunities offered as males, especially if they’re just as dedicated as the males,” says Rosalina Lopez, a female freshman wide receiver at Hesperia High School. As Rosalina continues with her statement she makes a point that if anything they should be honored because they have to work twice as hard as males because of the lack of strength that most females do not naturally have.

When Rosalina first joined she dealt with anger because she was not as strong, as trained, or as experienced as the other players but she took it upon herself to build up as a player on the team. She was not being treated fairly at first because the boys did not take her serious until she proved herself.

Some critics may say that there is a chance that girls can get hurt or they may lack the talent but if males can cheer or play volleyball then girls should be able to play football. Clearly the girls that consider playing football know the cautions of the sport.

Phillip Douwes, a current football player here at Oak Hills High School, touched on this subject saying “It shouldn’t matter,” because if they are capable than they should be able.

Critics say that girls are not built for this type of sport because of the physical contact but not all girls are built the same way, some girls are even stronger than most boys. An article called “Female high school football player in Texas a game-changer” on CBS News highlights a female football player in Texas. Her name is Riley Fox and she plays on the Varsity Fort Worth football team making history for the district.

She tells CBS DFW I was always a tomboy, so I would always want to go play with the boys. And I wouldn’t want to play with the girls.” Which proves that not all girls are the same.

There is a stereotype that is glued to the word “females” that they must be into makeup, the color pink, and gossip.

Girls have been fighting stereotypes for years. We have come so far from not being able to go to school, not be able to work, and the whole general idea that we were made to take care of the home. We need to take a stand for equality in all areas. 

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