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Slacking off on your school work and starting an assignment last minute has caused many nights with just a few hours sleep. But, if you can learn from your mistakes, that have lead to your many sleepless nights, then maybe you can apply those new lessons to yourself to have a good senior year. Maybe a few of these tips can help you if you still have this problem.

Alexys Pasos, an Oak Hills High School Graduate states,”Always ask questions if you do not understand something and stay on top of your work”then says it is best to stay out of drama and avoid conflicts.

His goals after high school were not only similar to many here at Oak Hills High School but students all over, which is to attend college and afterwards join the Marines. He is doing what he had planned for himself entering his third year of college.

“High school could not have done anything to prepare me for how hard college really is, and I was in AVID” says Pasos. Alexys states, “Never wait until the last minute to start an assignment and it is smart to go to tutoring”. Will students wise up and use his advice, or ignore it and continue on their way.

Now lets see what a current senior has to add to the topic. Mark Diaz talks about his senior year and current years in high school. Diaz says he has spent all four years of high school here at Oak Hills.

Diaz starts to explain his success and says”I acknowledge people and not only learn what we need to graduate, but life skills as well”.

It is the most important thing he has learned to do during his first few years of high school.

After Diaz said,”Remind yourself of your mistakes and think of their consequences”.

[His plans after high school were a little different from the usual answer which is to attend college]. He said he would like to attend UTI(Universal Technical Institute) to study auto mechanics and repairs, and the police academy as well. Mark is currently enrolled in the criminal justice program her at OHHS. Diaz said he would like a job in either career but says he is more interested in becoming a mechanic and has already talked to a supervisor for UTI about attending. This bulldog seems to have a bright road paved out for him in his future with school and career choices.

If you can take the advice that has been stated, then you can apply it to yourself and have a successful senior year.  You can be the person who waits last second to do their work, or the one who is on top of their work ahead of the game. Take the advice and apply it to yourself, learn from your mistakes and grow.

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