On Your Own

Preparing seniors for the future ahead

Yuri Cain and Crystal Lopez

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Erin Lovewell, an Oak Hills High School teacher, has been working at OHHS for almost 11 years. She is no ordinary teacher, seeing as her full plate includes Child Development, On Your Own, Early Childhood Education, and being a cheer coach. She loves working at OHHS and feels it is one of the best schools not only in the High Desert but also throughout California. Mrs. Lovewell  loves where she works and especially the people she works with. She feels blessed that she can have such a great experience with where she works with no serious complaints. Before she became a high school teacher, she was a student herself at Cal Baptist University and got her credentials at Azusa Pacific University. Other than school life, once she got older Erin was able to have three children, one of which is currently attending high school. She is also happily married which she takes great pride in.


“Life changes everybody wants to move out on their own as soon as they graduate. We have all these wonderful dreams, I did too and I couldn’t wait to move out of my parents house. My class is based around, okay you want to do this, but are you ready?,” states Lovewell.


On Your Own is a senior class brought up by LaRae Harguess and is now being taught by Mrs.Lovewell. This is a class that is taught in many schools and has been around for a long time. Mrs. Harguess made up the class when she was a teacher, not yet a counselor, and taught the same subjects that Mrs. Lovewell has taken up now.


“On Your Own is what I like to call adulting 101 class for seniors,” added Lovewell.


It teaches the students how to live on their own after high school, and along with that shows them a preview of what life is like as an adult. Seniors are filled with dreams and plans after high school such as moving out, going to college, and finding jobs. This is what On Your Own teaches students seeing as most of them have no clue what the “real world” is really like. It is important that students take a class like On Your Own before going into the real world. Also Lovewell teaches students how to pay bills, figure out car insurance and explains taxes. Being financially literate is something Lovewell takes serious, she hopes that students are careful with spending money, and doesn’t put themselves into deep financial holes. Lovewell explains that this is the students chance to take risks and see if the students plans after high school will really work. Many teachers and parents wish that they had taken a class like on your own when they were in school, because not only does it inform but it prepares students on what to expect in the real world.


Mrs. Lovewell admits that she was once a student with wild hopes and dreams and jumped at the chance to move out of her parents house. She moved from California to Colorado right after she graduated, feeling as if she could do it all herself without the help or advice of adults. Yet, she did not realize how difficult her life would be once she moved. Mrs. Lovewell herself wished she would’ve had a class that told her about what life was really like before she graduated. She admitted to making a lot of mistakes since she moved out so quickly but if she had taken the class she feels that her life decisions would have been better.


Mrs. Lovewell hopes that her students learn from her class what life may hold for them. She is scared for the lives of some of her students because she knows that not all of them will take everything she teaches and apply it. Mrs. Lovewell talked about how suicide rates have skyrocketed because of people going into debt with the simple mistakes they make while they’re young. So of course she fears for the graduating class especially the ones who seem to still not take On Your Own as serious as she would hope they would. Even for seniors that are not taking her class she can only wish that they are taking another class that teaches the same values.


While having On Your Own for her fourth and fifth period she also teaches Child Development. It is open to all grades unlike On Your Own and is also an actual class.


“I studied Child Development, I fell in love with it. I took an opportunity and I’m happy I did, because I  like what I teach,” states Lovewell.


Child Development is a class dedicated to learn about the way a baby is developed and how to understand children. There is more to just having a child it’s a matter of how to treat them and what to expect. According to Lovewell she approaches the students with the fact that one day they will be parents and have children. There are ways to treat children and understand how they work mentally and physically. Students will learn skills on how to provide and take care for a child as well as what they will take with them when they have children or work with children.  Being responsible is very important with having a child and Lovewell teaches just that to her students.


“It taught me a lot of things I didn’t know that could happen in and outside our bodies and how hard it would be to have a kid at a young age or just in general. Mrs.Lovewell explained everything really well,” states Kailee De La Fuente, a senior at Oak Hills High School.


Overall, On Your Own is a class that everyone should take their senior year. It allows students to be prepared for the future and what complications it may hold for them. Students can learn the values of taking their time to move and being educated on how to do it once they decide go through with it. They can learn the expectations of jobs, controlling their bank account, and learning on how to not go into debt. This is seniors last year to be students and not have the weight of the world on their shoulders. So all juniors should consider taking up the class next year.

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