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Photo taken by: Allyson Patten

Photo taken by: Allyson Patten

Photo taken by: Allyson Patten

Pajamas what?

September 13, 2017

[Updated September 20, 2017]

During lunch on September 13, 2017 ASB put on a an amazing game of water balloon toss. Students had to toss the balloon and have your partner catch it. During the first round, the Senior Class won. At the end of the second round, the competition came down to a final decision and the Junior Class won the water balloon toss. 

On this day, the Homecoming theme had something to do with pajamas. Throughout the day there were many students wearing pajamas. There seemed to be a variety of onesies, a bodysuit typically worn by adults or in this case, grown high school students.

Photo taken by Allyson Patten

Some of the onesies included a cow, bear, lion, and even a llama. High school students seem especially in favor of a themed pajama day because they like to be comfortable.

photo taken by: Allyson Patten

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