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Hello yellow

A color trend that is blowing up on social media

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A recent trend on social media may be as plain as one might think, a color, specifically the color yellow. From sunflowers to clothing and everything bright in between, this color has completely blown up this summer. This bright and cheery color is bound to put anyone in a happier mood, and everyone’s wearing it.


Celebrities are taking part in this jolly trend as well, stars like Solange Knowles, Demi Lovato, Viola Davis, Emma Stone, and Blake Lively have all worn yellow this year and everyone is continuing this show of colors. We sure aren’t complaining about this new trend, personally I think that yellow is truly a shade that can cheer people up and it also happens to be my favorite color. I am just as excited as anyone else that it is this years hottest shade because it is plastered on social media constantly and it is not ending anytime soon.

Screenshot from Twitter

Other than this ever growing trend, September is childhood cancer awareness month. Now, the color of the awareness ribbon is gold but people typically wear shades of gold during this month, which also happens to be yellow. This is even more of a reason to hop on this trend during this month to show your support for people you may know, or anyone impacted by this disease. 






Yellow has been growing rapidly in fashion lately everything from, yellow shoes, tops, and even pants are being seen everywhere. Twitter is where this color pops up the most, with women and men choosing yellow makeup looks, outfits, flowers, and even backdrops. Here are some photos from twitter showcasing this vivid hue.

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Hello yellow