The Hotel

Tower of something that used to exist.

Maria Gaeta, Opinion Editor

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Poetry is one of the most beautiful forms of expression, something Rachel Feinstein who is a sophomore at Oak Hills High School knows very well. Feinstein was given a theme to write about by her Creative Writing teacher, this theme was called “What was Once”. The goal of this theme was to make something that used to exist boom to life again. Rachel chose the hotel that inspired the Tower of Terror a ride that was previously taken down at Disneyland. Rachel takes this hotel and brings it to life beautifully in the poem below.


The Hotel

By Rachel Feinstein


On the battered streets of the weary town stood,

A symbol of its former glory,

Opening the bulky wooden door,

The creaking echo and ghostly wails

I shall never forget.


The interior, with its faded and torn wallpaper,

With webs draped thickly upon the once beautiful and extravagant old royal paintings,

With plush sofas, fluff strewn out of tears,

With card and chess games, left mid play,

With a broken chandelier, and stone pillars covered in cracks.


A worn stone statue hither stares me down as I see

The abandoned dust-covered luggage,

And hear bolt of lightning and a haunted cackle.

I smell the thick dampness in that room,

I touch the velvet rug

And I taste old tears and regrets.


I can remember

Why many so craved the escape

Of this tower hotel

When the lightning struck

And took everything away.

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