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The Online Student Newspaper of Oak Hills High School.

The Online Student Newspaper of Oak Hills High School.

Life as a Drama Student

Insight from senior: Michael Miletti

Angelica Highsmith
Michael Miletti in Seussical the Musical

Oak Hills High School is filled with many talented students from athletes to dancers to drama students. Our drama department has many dedicated members involved. Senior, Michael Miletti is part of that wonderful program. He has been in drama all four years at Oak Hills and he loves it. “The time and dedication we put into the practices definitely end up being worth it” Miletti stated. He loves that he is known as a “drama kid” and everyone in drama is one big positive family.

However, like any other extra curricular activity, most of your time is going to be taken up by that. “During the weekdays we rehearse for the plays two hours after school everyday” stated Miletti “When competitions starts, we’re here every weekend from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon”. Hell week is when things get difficult. It comes into play the week before a performance, rehearsals go from 4PM to 8PM, some nights he wouldn’t get home until nine. “If you don’t stay focused, juggling drama and classes can be tough” he said, but he always gets through it.

When asked what his favorite play was Miletti responded with Urinetown.  “The dances and the singing was really fun to be a part of” he told me. Urinetown was showcased from November 19th through November 21st in 2015, when Miletti was a sophomore. The play was about a town that had to pay to pee and one man was in charge of all the profit, he was Dr. Billeaux.

Sebastian Nunez
Festival Scene

Drama students always work hard for every show they put on, plenty of hours are dedicated to practices. Currently in drama their newest play is The Addams Family. “It’s really really exciting because it’s different from any other play we’ve done” Miletti informs me. This play is a bit more on the dark side. He is going to be Lucas’s dad and Lucas is Wednesday’s boyfriend. The Addams Family opening night is November 16, so don’t miss out on our wonderful drama department!



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