OHHS Fashion: Love at First Buy

Oak Hill Students Walk Across the Runway

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Lets face it; Oak Hills High School has some very attractive people with a great sense of style. Students always keep it well clean and cut and definitely express themselves with their fashion ideals. Either if it’s name brand, or couture, the Vogue style tends to give off an inspiring look and becomes a trend.

“I kind of just threw my outfit on this morning, like most people do. But I do like my style, I’d say it’s more of a bohemian look so I like it”, says Heaven Cooper, a sophomore.

Bohemian styles usually have the most comfortable outfits and gives off a summer vibe. Most people know this style as “hippie” but either or, the trend is adored by many. You can find most of this style in stores such as Forever 21, being inspired from music festivals such as Coachella.

The hipster look was mostly invented in the early 90’s and has come back around. Most people have been making the hipster trend popular by just wearing vintage clothing such as long tee-shirts, and Vans. A lot of people get their style from cheap places like thrift shops where most of the vintage clothes comes from at a nice price,

“I like my style, I really do. I think it would be the best yet, I mean I inspired myself, I got creative”, Nolan Bartol, a freshmen indicated.

Mixing up styles is always experimental and inventive. Either if it’s a hipster chic, bohemian and a valley girl look, or a simple modern outfit, it always seems to catch someone appeal.

“I’d say my style is tomboy but also a girly girl kind of look. I like to be comfortable so I dress in whatever I am comfortable in. I like my style because it really explains me and is simple” said Isabel Fascinato, a freshman.

All style idea’s are bounced off of one another’s. The great thing about that is you can add onto it or express yourself even more. It’s always great to try new things and that includes your style as well, don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Fashion at Oak Hill’s is hands down admirable, we all can agree on that. Students are filled with creative and fun ideas that they put into their style. Along with that, other feeds off of the great creativity and sooner or later it becomes a trend!

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