Oh What to Do

Summer Activities

Leah Richardson and Yuri Cain

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Schools about to end and everyone is already bringing up what they will be doing other their summer. After a long ,stressful school year students just want to chill with some buddies and have fun. Summer is a two months long, so what to do? Teens can sleep in, stay at home, or maybe play on their phone all day. Summer can be filled with many fun things to do but it just takes a lot of the thought and planning. So here are a few topics you can try this summer:


Grab your buddies and head down to the beach

  • The High Desert is only a couple hours away from the beaches of California, Grab some friends, that can legally drive, and head down the hill. The beach can be a relaxing time where you can also scope some new love interest. The beach can also turn into a party time especially on the exciting boardwalks.

Go on a hike with all the hiking trails available in the High Desert

  • There is the hiking trail, Bell Mountain, in Apple Valley that would be good for people who are great hikers already and enjoy a challenge. In hesperia, Deep Creek is a well known place to hike with many springs/pools which hikers take advantage of with a nice swim. Another nice hike is Cleghorn Mountain which is located in Hesperia and is dog friendly.

Throw a sleepover

  • A great way to get all your friends back together over the long summer is to throw a sleepover. Invite a few friends and slip on your pajamas to have some lifelong fun. Pick out multiple movies, have plenty of snacks, and you can even create a little fort if you are feeling creative. There is something about making fun of or crushing on characters in movies over a bowl of popcorn that makes all the stress you have seem to go away.

Go a ride around town

  • Going a ride can vary from bike rides, car rides, or anything else that has wheels.Try a soothing time out on the town at night. Flashing lights, the wind blowing in your face, and some music in your ears can be extremely pleasing and a fun time. During the daytime you can stop or go someplace special for a nice time in the sun.


Take your friends and family to a day at Knotts Berry Farm for fun

  • Knotts berry farm is not only a fun amusement park, but it is very inexpensive. Along with that it is a place to have fun and enjoy the California sunshine. Knotts Berry farm is kid and adult friendly. Lots of games, rides, and activities is what makes the park fun. It is a great way to pass time with friends or family while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Hang out and shop in LA

  • Los Angeles is the prime place for any adventurous people and shopping. You can meet such amazing people and have so much fun in Los Angeles. There are lots of shopping places down the hill including thrift shops for those cool, cheap buys. Find some cool hang out spots in LA just to chill at or plan a day full of fun activities.

Chill at the mall

  • The only mall in the High desert is Victor Valley but you may run into some old friends there and do some shopping. There are also plenty of malls down the hill and a full shopping center in Barstow. The mall can be a great way to spend some hard earned cash, flirt, and joke around with friends. People can usually spend up to four hours at the mall just having fun.

Hang in a pool

  • When people think of summer most of the time they see swimming and sun. Going to the pool is a great way to get some exercise in while having fun. Bringing a few friends to the pool can be a great way to consume some time for those long summer days. In Hesperia, Lime Street Park has an open pool for all ages. Pools at home can work too and can become a full on pull party. Just bring out some food and music and have the time of your life.


Summer life is lazy and fun but sometimes people find it hard to think of things to do. There are plenty of other things that are not on this list for people to do. Just be creative and have fun, enjoy your summer time and the sweet sunshine on your skin. School will be back in business before you know it!


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