The start of something new

Looking back on the 2016-2017 school year

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Every year we see changes in our own high school and the community we have within the school, this year these changes improved our school and many of the events that took place will be remembered long after summer vacation. This year our seniors will be leaving on Friday, May 12th and officially graduate on Monday the 22nd. A few days after the end of senior year, the remaining students will finally be set free of books and tests on Wednesday the 25th.

After working hard through these last few grueling months, students finally got to relax with Club Fair and even a Coachella themed sadies dance that will be taking place on the 12th of this month. Throughout this school year we went to football games, pep rallies, dances, and even Saturday School. As we go through high school, some of us stroll along, and others run full speed. We see the seniors announce college acceptances and even take a look at our valedictorians for the graduating class. However, we need to start at the beginning of the year before we can finally say our final goodbyes.

This year, eager freshman attended their very first days of high school, getting to experience something completely new and unfamiliar. They picked up their textbooks and schedules like everyone else, but others were familiar with the campus and their friends they had made during previous years here at Oak Hills High School. Some freshmen attended Bulldog Training to help encourage them during this extremely tough transition from middle school. On the other hand, juniors made their transition into their final year of high school. Many are attending prom in just a few short days. They got to watch their last pep rally last week and get to take their last finals and say their last goodbyes to teachers and friends who have impacted their high school experience.

Excited juniors this year have felt the yearning to graduate, no matter who you are we all just want to graduate and be finished with high school. Sophomores were able to feel this newfound maturity following freshman year, and some will continue to mature through the years (others may not be as lucky). Students were able to participate in Spirit Week prior to Homecoming, wearing silly outfits and class colors. This bittersweet week was the last time seniors would experience a Homecoming game, or even the Homecoming dance.

After Homecoming, some were able to participate in the 4.0 GPA dinner to commend them for their academic success in the school year. After this, students were able to dress up for Halloween and ask for candy. Some students even got the chance to see the schools daycare children dressed up in their costumes and go around the school trick or treating. Following Halloween, we got to get a much needed break to enjoy the festivities of Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, the holiday season was right around the corner and the merry spirit was felt throughout the school but not for long as first semester finals creeped up on us. Finals are never fun, but once they are done we get to enjoy yet another break to spend time with friends and family or even binge watch Netflix.

Saying goodbye every year is tough for everyone especially those who are never coming back. Looking back at all the fun we had throughout the year keeps us hopeful for the future. Now we must close another academic school year and get ready for the adventures of summer and the start of next school year following vacation.

Goodbye for now Bulldogs.