Animal Awareness Club

Raven Seelinger, In-Depth Reporter

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Animal Awareness is a new club at Oak Hills High School that focuses on animal rights. This club is against every kind of animal abuse “not just puppies and kittens,” says Mia Robles, the club president and founder. Animal Awareness makes it clear that they are not a club that goes on field trips. All money made from fundraisers or donated to the club will go to a local animal shelter or program for animal rights. This club should be joined for the concern about all animals; from puppy mills, to the protection of endangered animals. Throughout the year, Christine Maples, the adult advisor for animal awareness, will be volunteering at multiple organizations to help spread the word about animal rights and why they need to be protected. After all, every life deserves protection and animal abuse needs more serious repercussions than it has right now.

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