Out With The Old, In With The New

Students will start the 2017-2018 school-year with new Chromebooks.

Ruby Taylor, Writer/Reporter

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Since Oak Hills High School received the Chromebooks during the second semester 2014-2015, students have been breaking, dropping, and destroying the Chromebooks. Many people have broken their Chromebook, have their screws off, or broke pieces off the sides of the Chromebooks.

“Personally I do not care for [these current] Chromebooks, the screws fell out all the time and I had to replace mine a few times,” Sophomore Joshua Brooksher explains, understanding the new Chromebooks might make a difference. “Maybe these new Chromebooks will change the way I use technology in the classroom.”

Oak Hills is finally getting new Chromebooks for the 2017-2018 school year. There are many different features about the new Chromebooks, and these features have been added to help us all.

There will not be glass screens on the Chromebook, so you can’t break the screen and have to pay for it to get fixed. Instead of glass, there will be an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen which will prevent cracked or broken glass.

There will be rubber support on the Chromebooks, so that if you drop it, something won’t pop open and break. The Chromebooks are also drop resistant up to five feet.

Junior Alfonso Munoz explains,”Even if a teacher or another student [accidentally] drops [the Chromebook] we are still responsible for paying for it…so now I know that if it accidentally drops, nothing happens to it.”

It is highly recommended that you do not drop your Chromebook to try and see if it actually is drop-resistant because if it does end up breaking, you will have to pay for the damages.

“Take care of these Chromebooks like they are your cell phone.” Dominick Reyes, OHHS Technical Support Specialist, advises. “[The Chromebooks]  are more durable, but not a frisbee. Be  responsible.”

The charging cord for your Chromebook is going to have reinforcements so it is more durable and is expected to not come apart.

The new Chromebooks we will be more durable and will have cases that will protect your Chromebook.

Every 3 years, the school will be getting new Chromebooks. All students at Oak Hills will be returning their Chromebooks early this year.

Everyone will have to turn in their Chromebook, and their charger.

Reyes adds, “[These are] 3rd generation computers…they are more streamlined and the keys are ergonomic.”

OHHS Technical Support Specialist Nate Stokes details, “These also have [slots] for micro SD…”

Teachers will also return their Chromebooks. Usually, teachers don’t return them, and this year they will be assigned an updated version of the Chromebook upon return. Students will receive their new Chromebooks when they get their new books for the 2017-2018 school year.

Sharri Dade, a Freshman at Oak Hills, said, “I am very excited for these new Chromebooks because I broke one of mine before and I don’t want to break another one.”

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