Stereotypical Coachella

Skip Your Appropriation

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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Coachella has been around since 1999, and now it is one of the largest festivals known in the United States. Celebrities from different career backgrounds, whether it be models or singers, all come and socialize under the hot sun with the general public. Coachella is known for having an incredible music selection with artists from all around. You can also find amazing fashion style at this music festival but there has been controversy over some of the most stereotypical styles that are worn.


One of the biggest pieces of “fashion” is the Native American headpiece or feathers. These headdresses were worn back in Native times when tribes went to war or for great leaders in tribes. Native Americans have already had enough stolen from them without the help of some college student flaunting a culture for fashion. The feathers are not for a cute style or to just be all over Instagram but rather for honor and dignity. Whether it is pure ignorance or simply just uneducated, party-goers continue to appropriate cultures for a quick fashion statement. Stripping the Native Americans of their culture and putting it on display for a music festival is wrong and inhumane.


Another fashion statement that is often seen at the Coachella scene are bindis.  A bindi is a mark, usually a red dot, worn by women on their forehead. The mark can symbolize many things from being married to even warding off bad luck. It seems that something so vital to a culture can be used as a cute face paint for music festivals now days. It has changed from a symbolic piece to a sense of style within the hands of party- goers. There have been so many warning signs about wearing specific clothing and cultural appropriation but some people just do not seem to understand how ignorant they are by ignoring these red warning signs. It hurts to know that someone who has never practiced or even looked into a specific culture can wear their brand out in the public and be openly applauded all over the Internet. We are making it okay to use and abuse other people’s way of life for entertainment?


Another fashion statement that is used a lot in the Coachella scene are cornrows. Cornrows may seem like they shouldn’t be on the list but they are a key part in cultural appropriation and black culture. Cornrows have been around for generations and generations and especially recently, people of color have been getting harassed about them. Yet when stars such as Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner wear them, they are praised my all. At Coachella as far as the eye can see, hairstyles can range from normal to wacky. Cornrows are a huge hit at there but seem to be worn by the wrong people. If you don’t stand up for people of color or do something to support them you have no right to wear their hairstyles and claim that you are better than them.


If you feel that some of these items are going too far, or are not appropriating culture, congratulations on being ignorant. Find your own culture to celebrate and fall in love with it. Don’t steal other people’s cultures due to your lack of creativity.