Food, Food, Food!

Club Fair

Samantha Tossell and Desarae Tasnady, Chief Editor(Samantha Tossell) and Section Editor(Desarae Tasnady)

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(To find out what clubs are selling, scroll to the bottom of the article)

Club fair has been a tradition in the Hesperia Unified School District for as long as Genevieve Johnston can remember. To see what special treats the clubs at Oak Hills High School has to offer, check out their tables at lunch on October 29th and 30th to see what sparks your taste buds. With the help of ASB, the clubs will come together for a day of food and fun; the perfect mix.

“It’s the club’s biggest fundraiser and all of the money goes to the clubs,” said Mrs. Johnston. All clubs on campus participate in the Club Fair. Selling favorable snacks to the student body is a great way to raise money, and the clubs receive every penny they make. Be sure to get out to the tables as soon as possible because the clubs usually run out of food within 20 minutes.    

The most fitting solution to get the best food the fair has to offer is to pre-order the items, such as Juice It Up and Kona Ice, so you do not have to wait in the long lines. You will be guaranteed to receive the item of your choice. To pre-order your food, the club members will walk around selling coupons to students during lunch a week before the Club Fair.

When Oak Hills High School had their first Club Fair, there were inflatables and bounce houses galore, but due to district policies, renting inflatables and bounce houses were halted to an end. They still have amazing food, and to this day have never lost the pizzazz that people have enjoyed for so long. Club fair is a great opportunity to support the clubs on campus.  

Thursday, OCTOBER 29TH 2015 during lunch Friday, OCTOBER 30TH 2015 during lunch
Animal Awareness: Muffins/Cookies
Book Club: Candy Bags & Glow stuff
Choir: Cinnabon & Sodas
Class of 2016: Pizza & Churros
CSF: Donuts
Dance Team: Slushies & Popcorn
Ed. Arts Club: Hot Chocolate
French Club: Brownie Sundaes & Italian Soda
JROTC:  Fruit Bowls & Chicharrones
Photography: Juice It Up
Robotics: Arizona Tea
Science:  Mc Chicken/Mc Doubles
Ski/Snowboard: Carl’s Jr Spicy Chicken
Soccer (Boys): Baker’s Bean Burritos
Speech/Debate: Nachos
Tennis (Girls): Roses
W.A.G. Bulldogs: Meatball Subs/Sodas
AVID Club: Donuts
Booster: Bean & Cheese burritos
Class of 2017: Mc Chicken, Mc Doubles, sodas
Class of 2018: Ice Cream Sandwiches
D.I.Y Club: Halloween Candy Gloves
Digital Design: Juice it Up, Panda Express
FHA-Hero: Cake Pops
FIDM Fashion Paws: Pixi Sticks
Latino Dance: Jack in Box Tacos
MTG: Nachos & Soda
NHS: Muffins
Paw Print: Buttered Popcorn w/ toppings
Soccer (Girls): Pizza & Soda
Strive to Survive: Kona Ice
Tennis (Boys): Roses
Volleyball: Jumping Java