Ripped clothing trend

Bringing back the breezy style

Kaitlynn Koppenhaver, Editor in Chief

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Kanye West is a musician and a well known clothing designer, has been known to produce clothing that has a ripped and torn look from his brand Yeezy. This distressed look has been all over social media as well as runways and huge magazines such as Vogue. Many people have discussed this style of clothing over the internet as not true fashion. The trend is not only ripped jeans, but dresses, t shirts, and even baseball style hats. Women and men both have rocked these looks, but is the look worth the price tag?

The sort of 90’s grunge look has plagues social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, with many influencers showing off this style of clothing. This edgier look includes distressed and torn clothing that really gives off a rugged but put together style. Even higher profile celebrities are getting involved in this trend, like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and even Beyonce.

Yeezy brand clothing has a hefty price along with the breezy styled clothing. His brand starts with a subtle $485 and skyrockets anywhere up to $4352. The distressed look has been questioned on social media, with many people thinking the style of clothing is not worth the insane price. Less high end businesses have hopped on this bandwagon as well such as ASOS, TopShop, and even websites like Etsy.   

These looks can also be recreated without the need of a pre-ripped price tag. It can be as easy as taking a pair of scissors and some tweezers to an old pair of jeans to recreate the expensive designer look. So why spend so much money on something so easy to recreate simply for the act that it is designer?

Even students around Oak Hills High School have been seen wearing this trend of distressed jeans and shirts with pre-ripped holes. The look can be effortless and casual, or can even look dressed up and classy. It is casual enough to wear to school and be comfortable during the entire school day.