DIY Prom Dresses: Seniors Making Their Own Gowns for Their Special Night

Girls ditch prom dress shopping and design their own unique prom gowns.

Prom is coming soon, and all any girl can think about is finding the perfect gown. Whether it’s a fitted mermaid style dress or a big, poofy Cinderella gown, every girl is sure to find a dress that she loves. But of course, sometimes girls just can’t seem to find that special dress, so here’s what they do: make their own prom dresses.

One girl in particular, Julia Reidhead, turned a $40 dress into Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. Take a look! 

Tired of searching for a special gown and getting no results, Reidhead took matters into her own hands. She purchased a used wedding dress, and with her artistics skills she created a work of art on the gown. “I had painted on other stuff before, like shoes, but that made me confident that I could paint on a dress,” she explained to

Julia Reidhead wearing her beautiful self made $40 prom gown. (Picture from

Kyemah McEntyre, from New Jersey, created a beautiful gown which reflected her heritage. It is no surprise then that she won Prom Queen.

Kyemah McEntyre wearing her gorgeous heritage inspired dress. (Picture from

Ysabel Hilado, who is now a college student, designed her prom dress in just one week. She learned how to use a sewing machine from her dad. “I am a purely self taught from trial and error,” Hilado told

Ysabel Hilado in her custom made prom gown.

Ryan and Gabrielle designed a dress and tux entirely from Duck Tape. They’re outfits were based on the fashion from the 1920s, which matched with their prom theme, The Great Gatsby. “Our design’s geometric symmetry is modeled after the era’s Art Deco style, while the bold contrast of gold, black, and white reflect the extravagance of life in the Roaring 20’s,” they told To add a little twist they added glow in the dark Duck Tape in the details. They didn’t stop with just clothes, they also made shoes, a purse, a cell phone case, a corsage boutonniere, a headband, and a ring. It took them about 59 hours and 12 rolls of duck tape.

Charlotte didn’t have much money to spend on her prom dress, so she decided to just make one herself. “I spent less than $100 to make my dress,” she tells She also did her own makeup and hair, so she didn’t have to spend much on prom.

Charlotte and her date.
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