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Photo of Mr.Williams teaching. Photo Taken by Crystal Lopez

Photo of Mr.Williams teaching. Photo Taken by Crystal Lopez

An Aspiring Teacher: Robert Williams

"I am changing the next generation." -Robert Williams

Robert Williams, an AVID and Integrated Science teacher here at Oak Hills High School, has been inspiring many students through his work as an educator and mentor. When Mr. Williams became a teacher, his plan was to impact students in a positive way and help them through their high school years. When he was introduced to AVID, Mr. Williams saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of his students, and this drives him to be the best he can be.

“There have been days where I just think I couldn’t do it that day, and I didn’t want to come to school. Then I think of my students, and I think no I have an obligation to them. They work hard, because I ask them to so I work hard to do better for them. They inspire me and I hope I Inspire them.””

— Mr.Williams

Williams is inspired by his students and gets his motivation from each of them. His passion comes from his desire to share new ideas with them that will help them to expand their understanding of the world and themselves. Mr. Williams has set a goal for each class; he wants every student to have a positive experience and overcome all of the challenges they might struggled with throughout the school year. But school isn’t just about showing up and doing the work. Students spend four long years in high school, and Mr. Williams hopes to make sure that his students learn life lessons throughout those years. As Mr. Williams completed his high school years, he was exposed to a variety of teachers. There were some who cared about their students, and there were those who didn’t. He remembers clearly the impacts that both types of teachers had on him, and those who had a positive impact are the ones he remembers most. That is the remembrance that Mr. Williams is hoping to inspire in his students 10 years after their high school experience.

Mr. William states, “I’ve learned that education is so much more than what comes out of a book. I’ve learned the value of the social component to teach, being vulnerable to teach my students. Also developing that type of relationship, and that is what AVID does. These students are kind of like my kids, we’ve cried together, laughed together, and it creates a family atmosphere. Those are the kind of relationships that are going to last for the rest of our lives.”

Over the years, Mr. Williams has learned that being in AVID involves building strong relationships. Currently, Mr. Williams is with the junior class of 2018, and has been with them since freshman year. During these years a family is built, and they create a bond with each other that is unbreakable. Having this kind of experience as a teacher is what Mr. Williams did not expect, but has grown to love every minute of it. Mr. Williams will still teach the AVID class of 2018 next year and continue to help them on their journey to following their dreams. Mr. Williams does plan to continue being a AVID teacher in the future. He will finish with seniors next year, and start over again with the incoming freshman in 2019. Instead of students coming and going, Mr. Williams plans to create that bond again with his new students.

“There’s been conversations over the last couple of years whether I’ll cry at graduation, and I try to play the tough role, but I’m pretty sure I will because seeing them go is like watching my kids leave. It won’t be a sad moment, I am going to be so proud. I’ve already told all of them I am going to travel to their college graduations, because that’s going to be the best day. I will go to 50 different college graduations if I have to,” Said Mr. Williams.

The AVID students at Oak Hills High School work hard to get where they are, and Mr. Williams has pushed his students to succeed, making sure that they always believe in themselves no matter what. Nothing but positive comments come from students about Mr. Williams because he changes lives. Teachers are here to teach and make sure their students pass, but it is much more than that. Students take a piece of high school with them after graduation, and it should be a positive piece, not a negative one. Teachers like Mr.Williams need to be recognized more often, and his students appreciate such a passionate teacher. Mr. Williams believes that every one of his students have a purpose to succeed, and he will do anything to help make that happen.

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