Things to do Instead of Prom

Carpe diem.

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Not everyone is completely interested in the whole prom scene, and some students skip for various reasons. Some choose to miss out on the event due to its cliche nature, some have plans that fall through, or some simply do not want to go. Whatever the case, if you decide to ditch this dance, here are some alternative options so you can still have a rocking weekend.

Take a small weekend trip

Grab all of your pals and drive down to the beach just to spend some time in the sun. Or maybe take your best friend and go to the mountains. Whatever you choose to do, try to make the most of it. Go find a breakfast place you have never been to and order something you have never eaten before. Taking risks can pay off because you can have a great story to tell your future family. Prom may be a little while away, but now you have more time to plan out your day.

Pamper yourself

Target has facemasks that are under five dollars, so grab a couple of those and some snacks so you can pamper yourself. Run a bath and light your favorite candle, and don’t forget about Netflix. Watch a movie or your favorite show. You can even grab a book if you would prefer that type of entertainment. Once finished, just relax and maybe paint your nails, or DIY a hair mask. This time is all about you, so take that time to enjoy every second of it. 

Go out to a fancy dinner with friends

Taking your friends to a dinner can be super fun if you make it an adventure. Dare your friend to ask the waiter for their number, or see who can eat the most breadsticks before the food arrives. Make super goofy jokes to pass the time, you can even just spend as long as you would like talking about life and everything going on. Just be sure to choose a friend who is as spontaneous as you may be, so you can make the night as memorable as possible.

Going to a concert

Concerts are great when you have your friends, or even decide to go solo might be fun (just be careful around strangers). Researching the newest venues and concerts a few weeks prior to prom weekend will ensure that your plans are concrete. Finding local concerts is a great way to get involved in community activities and experience some things for the last time. Prom is typically a time for seniors and many are going off to college, or simply have plans for after high school. Making the best of this time can make you feel a little less stressed about the future that is waiting for you.

Have a pool party

Lets face it, it gets really hot around this time because students are on the cusp of summer vacation. The increase in temperature makes some events uncomfortable to stand, especially since you cannot leave whenever you would like. Summer activities like pool parties are amazing this time of year, it is not scorching hot or super cold.

Go to an amusement park

Once again, this can be fun with a group of friends or even going alone. Taking a day trip to an amusement park is something that can be extremely memorable. Try to go on as many rides as you can and do as much stuff in one day. Make sure to keep a loose schedule so that way you do not feel too planned out. Spontaneity is key. 

Whatever you choose to do during prom, make it fun. You really only get this opportunity once before you are thrown into the world of adults. Memories are better with the people you love and want to spend time with. No matter what you do, have fun and seize the day.