Is Tweeting the New Leading?

Our new president and his political use of Twitter

OHHS students on Twitter

Isabel Moreno

OHHS students on Twitter

Isabel Moreno, Writer/Reporter

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Controversy has been taking over the citizens of the United States ever since the 2017 election began. The worst part of this has been the labeling of people who have been residing amongst each other for years. Now people are either “republican” or “democrat,” almost as if this defines who we are. Amongst these many problems, a new predicament has arised. President Trump has been using his personal Twitter account to inform the people of his latest ideas, opinions, and actions. Like everyone else, President Trump has the right to use his personal account, but the question most are asking is where to draw the line.

If the president releases too much information, say information regarding the actions of the government, it could be both an advantage and a disadvantage. An advantage, because million of Twitter users will keep a closer eye on the man who runs the country and is responsible for more than 318.9 million lives. Every second millions of Twitter users scroll through their feed, so even if the president chooses to remove a post, there will be millions of screenshots to show for it. The disadvantage, however, is the same. So many people will have access to the things he says, which can be harmful amongst the public.

“The thing about social media is that it is emotional,” remarked a teacher at Oak Hills High School.

We never know who might take something as being offensive, and some of the content Trump has tweeted can be recognized as being sensitive. The Oak Hills High School teacher went on to say, “Most people who are reading Twitter do not understand how it is flippant and content can be easily misunderstood.” Examples of such have been shown after Trump made references to famous women, the concept of global warming and more.

Such as the following:

Although some may see the president as defending our nation, the tweet does not provide any validity. The problem with this is that some people may be taking his tweets as facts, when they are opinion. Another example of this would be below:

According to the recorded data of the popular vote from the election, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Finally, one of the largest disputes currently is the president bashing out on the press. Below is one of the multiple tweets he released to call some news companies fake.


“He has tweeted out false information and when confronted with the facts he refuses to retract his tweets and that is wrong,” another Oak Hills High School teacher commented.

The president is supposed to show integrity, and President Trump has not been following this image. Not only does that spark controversy, but he has also been deleting some of the tweets proven to be factually false.

“Is this violation of the laws for governmental records? He’s deleting tweets that are supposed to be kept,” a third teacher went on to say.

In fact, it would be a violation of the laws for governmental records. Everything the president does or says is supposed to be kept on file. Trump, however, has been deleting his false statements instead of correcting his errors. With the power of Twitter, there will always remain a portion of people who still believe what he says is true which could potentially be harmful.