Thinking of going vegan?

Why you should think about what you eat

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Choosing what you eat is your decision, some choose fast food over a cooked meal, or no veggies and fruit, even strict salad eaters. Nobody chooses the food you put into your mouth, you are persuaded into buying foods and consuming them. You have a right to the things put into your body when available. So, what about the herbivores, the non-meat eaters, or just the no meat only fish, and the no meat but cheese and dairy is alright. Vegan, Pescetarian, and Vegetarian. These individuals choose not to put animal products through their digestive system. 7.3 million individuals choose what goes into their mouth. Yet, we have alarming obesity rates and people are dying decades before they should. No, plants don’t have feelings and yes, they get all of their vitamins and nutrients. So, why is that so hard for others to believe and accept? What if the world went vegan or vegetarian?


Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”


A vegan diet consists of food. Just food that doesn’t have a face or lungs. Or makeup that hasn’t been worn by a bunny or mouse. Even a fur coat or Uggs. Being Vegan or Vegetarian is not necessarily a diet, but a lifestyle. You pick and choose everything in your life and this is one of the biggest things you have control of. Many people believe it’s tough to transition off of meat and dairy, but it is more about your attitude and willingness to change your life. Vegetarianism is one of the first steps into altering your food, while you still eat dairy and eggs. If you choose many other subcategories of Vegan and Vegetarianism it’s different for each one.


Cutting out meat can change you health wise and physically. Drinking coconut water has more electrolytes than a sugary sports drink, retaining moisture means healthier skin, acne can be cleared and dry skin can be noticed anymore. Hot Dogs are ‘meat’ if you can call it that, but they have been proven to cause cancer. That fourth of July traditional hotdog can easily be exchanged by a veggie burger or veggie dog, and not all of them taste like the bottom of a shoe. Not everything tastes bad. Just like food, there are good foods and bad foods, and veggie food is just the same. Some may like tofu and drink soy milk, and others may prefer rice and drinking almond milk. It is all about opinion and preference.

Social media is the main source for information these days. More and more popular Youtubers and Instagrammers are switching to this lifestyle of no meat. This means that the more following they have, the more people they have to persuade them. If you look up to someone your choices could be influenced based on what that person does, eats, and says.


When these people are influenced, they tend to act on these different influences. Meaning more teens at least trying the Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyle. Which is the most difficult thing to do when you are in High School or even Middle School. Prepping lunches, snacks, and breakfast can be difficult if the rest of your family eats meat. Freshman have no way of getting a reliable job that can give them a steady ‘income’, and many meat eaters tend to not support the idea of a different eating style. When this happens it can be tough for someone else to buy you ‘special foods’. However, some families are accepting of the foods you choose to eat, in this case it can be easier to plan meals because of the lack of funds a teen may have.


Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to change the way you eat over night. Doing this is gradual, week by week you can slowly cut out foods you have been used to. Buy belts that are not leather, or when you buy a new eyeliner look to see the animal friendly stamp. Start looking at veggie recipes and try them, the more you practice the better you can be at it. Your body will thank you in ten years when you are healthy and happy. So try it, even for just as little as a week.