Too Much Love

Inappropriate teacher and student relationships

Yuri Cain, Editor In Chief

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Teachers and students have a deeper connection than most people understand. Students go to teachers for advice on not only school work but also life advice. There is a bond between them whether it be good or not, that stays with them forever. Think of your favorite teacher. What popped up in your mind? Perhaps the first time you went to them for school or life advice or maybe a time where they showed love and compassion. We learn and grow so much from our teachers, more than we would like to think. There are so many emotions for both parties, whether you be a teacher or a student, and some feelings are stronger than others. Where does this connection draw the line though?

Smiles that are too wide, touches that last too long, conversations that go too deep. There is a fine line between having a good relationship with your students and having a perverted relationship with your students. Teachers around the United States have been caught having inappropriate relationships with their students, all with different outcomes. Teaching is a profession that is suppose to be innocent and your students can even be seen as your children. Trying to dominate a student into a relationship they do not want is sick and twisted. Using their trust in you as they go through the stress and hormonal changes that most students have in high school is sickening and unjust. Teachers are suppose to be mentors for our future and yet some of them abuse the power and use it for their own evil ways.

It is not only the teachers that use their status for inappropriate relationships. Students across the United States use their ways to become close with teachers and form relationships that go far beyond the usual connection. A young adult may find weaknesses within a teacher and use it towards their advantage to get what they want. Lots of times students may have a sexual relationship to get a better grade in the class or to have special privileges. These types of stereotypical actions can be found in movies about a cliche high schooler life. In most uncovered cases the student and teacher have a sexual relationship because they are “in love”. This is absolutely nauseating and adults can face serious jail time for the actions with a minor.

In many different states there are laws set in place that proves it is illegal to have an inappropriate relationship between students and teachers. Laws are in place for a reason and it is usually to protect the citizens that it includes. Many times teachers are sent to jail for the sexual relationships they are caught having with a student and face not only jail time but a life-long record for being a pedophile.

There are some times when the relationship is one sided. Whether it be the student or the teacher that is being harassed for a desire, both of them should report to the school immediately. Teachers who are being harassed by a student into having a sexual relationship should report immediately to the school administration and have the parents involved. If you are a student and feel like a teacher is pressuring you into sexual favors or a relationship you should tell the school administration and your parents. Being harassed into something you do not want to do is wrong and should be taken very seriously.
Teachers are suppose to help their students grow into adults and prepare them for the life ahead. If you scar a student now, and vice versa, it cannot be undone. You have lost the innocent connection between and adult and a minor.